Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rapping on the Window

It seemed my childhood was filled with parental pleading to do something, anything, to make my brother conform to my expectations of sibling behavior. My mother would always respond, "What would you have us do to him, he's not punishable!"  This theory was made evident to me one Hallows Eve.

Wanting to make sure the most efficient route was taken to collect the most candy in their pillow cases, John and his like minded friend knocked on the door of each of our neighbors home in the after-school hours preceding Halloween to ask if they would be handing out candy.

As they short-cut their steps past a corner lot split level, they could see a young couple sitting on their rec-room couch passionately embraced and kissing. Nothing could be more enticing to two eight year old boys, they rapped on the window and hurried on their way. A plot to return that evening already in their thoughts.

Dressed in their costumes, two heads spotted once again through the window, the boys prepared to wrap on the window. They were startled to find a hand on each of their shoulders. Escorted steps home, each more fearful than the next.

Answering the firm ringing of our doorbell, this sister could not believe her eyes at the sight of her brother's face and hands covered in our mother's wig, his very full lips squeezed through a slit made to breath.

My mother called to the door could barely contain her giggling as her son's lips opened and closed like a fish gasping it's last breath pleading for any help at all. My mother assured the young newlywed MINISTER that her son would not bother the young couple again.

My brother promptly retreated to his bedroom only to return to our living room again, his pillow case nearly reaching his knees, another with eyes and mouth circles cut, his lips once again giving his identity away. There was no punishing this determined Trick or Treater!

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LBP said...

Your brother is a case!! Pre-tick or treating, wonder why I never thought of that?

Love your cute Dracula!



Teresa said...

Too funny! Love your stories of you & your brother. I absolutely adore your felt vampire! Enjoy the rest of your week & upcoming weekend.

My Vintage Mending said... Miss Claire complains all the time that she is beside herself with her brothers behavior. What could we do to relieve her pain. It is a vicious circle of taunting and fun. I see know that it is simply boys being boys...their time of turmoil will soon Dracula...smiles...Renee

Unknown said... your stories!!!


Tammy's in Love said...

That story almost made me wish my little sister had been a brother so I could have a story like that one to tell! John was an inimitable personality from childhood on! I have a feeling he will provide entertainment for all of us as long as he lives!

Ina said...

lol, pretty innocent stuff! boy, times have sure changed. ;p

Holly said...

Brothers....I have one. Love him but yes, he caused trouble and still does :) Love the Dracula. I am sure that I will be making him next! Thanks and Happy Crafting,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cute story! Brothers are a mess to us girls for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha! ♥

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your brother was quite the scamp, Elizabeth! I'm sure, at the time, you were embarrassed, but it is a funny story. Boys!

kimber said...

Love this tale! I wonder if he still pre-Trick or Treats...LOL! Thanks for the smiles! xoxo

RetroSandie said...

I love the story!!! Like an old time movie Halloween story!!! I love all the cuties prowling around just waiting for Trick or Treat night!!

RetroSandie said...

I love the story!!! Like an old time movie Halloween story!!! I love all the cuties prowling around just waiting for Trick or Treat night!!

vivian said...

I bet there was never a dull moment with your brother around! why werent you out trick or treating and getting into mischief with him?
thats what I would have been doing! lol

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Haaaa! Cutest story ever! I can just picture it!
I love that little moon guy!
It always amazes me how fast you can make all these little creatures. :)

Celestial Charms said...

So funny, Elizabeth! I wish my brother was more of an imp, like your's was. Your brother and I would have made quite the sibling pair! ;) My brother was oh so serious, and would never think to ruffle any feathers. I, on the other hand.....! :)
Love your remembrances.

Anonymous said...

My brother was and still is a rascal! The life of the party and best friend to everyone. Gosh, your stories sound like they could be mine.

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