Sunday, August 29, 2010

"All Aboard!"

Plugging along making my "H" panels for my Halloween Banner,Swap, I got to thinking how much fun it might be if I were say an "A" or a "W".

My husband will say to me frequently, "Elizabeth, don't think. Once you start, you can't stop!"

He's right, I know; but once I had made the "A", I couldn't wait to get to the "W".  My mind is like a train leaving the station. Once the wheels begin to turn, you had better jump aboard!

I adore this image from a vintage Get Well Card that I have used several times to make blog banner blocks.

This card was from my own collection, and I am sad to say I accidentally deleted the inside image from my computer. I think this one would be just as cute with a spooky Halloween message.

Both of my "L" panel images are cut from vintage Valentines owned by Finsbry. Any "long" images I think would work well for "L".

I just love how my "O" turned out! The moon is cut from a vintage postcard. The beautiful shade of blue as well as all of the other card stock I have used are called, Orange Peel. It is my favorite line of paper and can be found in all of my paper art.

This "W" was such a fun panel to make as well! The wonderful Chinese lanterns are from K&Co.

I'm sure you wouldn't have guessed my magician was from a vintage Valentine card! His rabbit doesn't look very happy with him.

Double "E"'s cute as can be! The masked party goers can be found on Meri's, Imagi Meri, whimsical blog.

A last card from  "N" finishes off my banner with a flurry of good fortune.

Oh My Gosh! I just love my Halloween Banner!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Holly Girls

My mother-in-law Ruth lived a life of friendship that is most extraordinary to me.

During her days before marriage,  Ruth worked as a secretary at Holly Carburetor in Detroit, Michigan, along with many other career minded single women.All of the same age with much in common, the women found themselves in fast friendships. So often were they found together that they became known as "The Holly Girls". (Ruth can be seen in the back row, far right)

As much as the women had in common, their personalities were as different as the clothes they chose to wear. Each Holly Girl was accepted for who she was and never left out of any gathering. As marriage proposals brought an end to their Working Girl careers, it was decided that monthly luncheons should be held so they might still keep in touch.

For over thirty years the women gathered still as close as they had been so many years ago. From Ruth's gracious example, I have learned that friendships truly can last a lifetime.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big White Puppy

My daughter commented on a recent visit home. "Mom, why is it all these little dolls look an awful lot like me?"" Oh, and by the way, I'm thinking of getting a puppy."

"I'm so lonely Mom and Dad. My days are so busy but I miss everyone so much, and I need something to love."

And so Nahla joins our lives as companion for our very busy daughter who needs a loyal friend.

My peg dolls do look like my daughter because I love her, and because I miss her, and because they both make me smile!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Halloween Pegdoll

I was one of those "mean" Mom's who wouldn't purchase store bought Halloween costumes for her children. I would say to my children, "My brother and I had to invent our own costumes when we were your age!"

My brother was ever so grateful to our father's family in New Orleans for sending him a paper mache Mardi Gras head which he wore for countless years. As ridiculous as he looked wearing a gigantic purple moon shaped head, he did because my mother would say to us, "Invent your own costumes!" We fondly recall our Days of Trick-or-Treating as our "Purple People Eater" days, the name given to my brother's "costume".

Being the "cute" mother that I was, I also required of my children that they not wear a costume that was at all scary. "Mom, I'm so tired of being a Business Man!" my son would complain. The year the movie "Men in Black" was released, he won Best Costume for his Business Man attire.

Do you know that my son and his newlywed wife will celebrate their first anniversary on October 31st, Halloween! Their wedding was simply wonderful held on the theater stage of their college where they met the first week of school. My only requirement for their special day was that no one wear a scary costume. I am happy to say everyone was as cute as could be, even his professors!

And so my Halloween Pegdoll is Cute as Can Be with her Scardy Cat companion by her side.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scaredy Cat!

Sweet and simple, a garland for my craft room. Two little Scaredy Cats added cute as can be.

I have used slightly fuzzy pipe cleaner stems, but a regular stem will do just as well.

LEGS: One stem bent in half, twist to create thicker stem. Make two, create "U" shape, bend for ankles, cut off excess to create paws.

BODY: One stem wrapped around pen or marker, (using a pencil will create a small cat) trim when desired length is achieved.

TAIL: One stem bent two inches down, twist to make thicker, shape into tail curl.

NECK: Base of tail, bend at right angle. Slip into body coils. Make another right angle to create neck.

HEAD: Bend stem from neck to create "P" shape. Bend stem behind neck bringing back to front of "P".

Wrap remaining length of stem around circular part of "P" to create head.

ASSEMBLY: Slip leg "U" between coils of body. (Do not be afraid to separate coils, reshape, trim or bend stems again to get desired look.)

I know! Up to now you've thought "This is never going to look like a cat!"

FACE: Details are glued in place with Tacky Glue. (CRAFT TIP: Frey Check is a must have supply.) Dot it at the ends of cut ribbon and ends of paws for a neat and finished look.

"OUCH" There is simply no other way!

Halloween Garland complete and ready to hang. I have left room to add trinkets.I just love HALLOWEEN!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Halloween Garland

A garland needed for my craft room window for the holidays, a Halloween Garland Along begun.

Click on image, File, Print Preview, select percentage size right for you! My ornaments are about four inches tall.

Repurposing last year's Christmas pattern, a candy corn cut out, each color layer butted against the next and button stitched in place.

With one ply basting thread, fold under the tip of the corn and slip a hanging cord between folded over felt, and baste closed. Starting at the bottom with matching thread, button stitch sides together without catching any of the white felt. Notice what a nice point the folded down tip has resulted.

Lightly stuff candy corn with fiberfill. In a counter clockwise direction, whip stitch between pinked felt edge.

Make two candy corn for your garland.

I love Halloween because it is the only time of the year you can legitimately decorate with purple, green, and orange. A cute witch for my garland, the only type to know!

Cut out one pattern in purple. Cut out face opening by folding felt in half, fold round pattern piece in half and lay over fold for guide. Button stitch face in place and embroider details 2 strands floss. Lay on top of white felt and pink at bottom edge. Cut white sides slightly smaller than purple pattern. Baste purple to white. Tack stitch belt in place with one ply thread.

On backside, cut away white felt at tip of hat. Following directions from candy corn, bend tip of purple hat down, position hanging cord, fold over, baste closed. Beginning from pinked edge, button stitch closed making sure white felt stays hidden.

Cut out felt hat brim, cut opening in center, slip over hat point.

A garland for hanging ornaments is as wide as my window opening. I have single crocheted a chain using cotton yarn. The tassels at the ends are made by winding yarn around three fingers, tying in the middle, and cutting loops.

I used my rotary cutter to cut lengths of felt 1/4" wide. (NOTE: pattern says, 1/2". I found this size to be too wide) Lay white strip 1/8" in and on top of orange strip of felt. Fold 1/8" orange over white, jelly roll five rotations. Cut white end slightly shorter than orange for smooth appearance. Use 1 ply thread to tack end. Insert needle through all thicknesses to secure.

Cut a total of ten green leaves, five white pinked leaves. Sandwich white felt between green leaves, use 2 ply white thread to whip stitch between pinks catching green felt on the edges. Tack leaf to back of crocheted garland, tack jellyroll to front of garland securing it firmly to leaf.

There you have it! I just adore purple, green, and orange!