Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Deer Husband

My husband loves deer. At least he loves to spot deer while driving. This I know because I have been startled nearly to death in my passenger seat when he exclaims suddenly, "There's one!" It takes me a moment for my heartbeat to leave my ears before I realize he means he has spotted a deer.

I was so excited to spot these Martha Stewart paper pine cone ornaments at Jo-Ann Fabrics 25% off this week. Right away I thought deer ornaments in honor of the thousands of deer I have never spotted.

My children are Brainwashed Deer Spotters as their father dangled in front of them $25.00 for the FIRST deer spotted on our vacations home to Michigan. Please don't think my husband is overly generous, as I mentioned we have never spotted a deer in Michigan.

My husband acquired his deer spotting obsession the old-fashioned way. By his father's offering of money for spotting the first deer on vacations to Northern Michigan. No money ever exchanged hands as far I know; but I'm suspicious that any time the female chatter got too loud in the backseat while my father-in-law was driving, he would call over his shoulder, "Hey, you're not looking for deer!"

Secure tinsel stems by bending them at right angles underneath cone and applying a dab of hot glue. Apply Tacky Glue to rim of cone and place on printed paper or card stock, pink around edge of cone. Hot glue tinsel along bottom edge.

When I was dating my husband, he had me actually get out of the car to trek through underbrush by the side of the highway as it looked like a good area for spotting deer. Wandering a distance ahead of him, I excitedly whispered over my shoulder, "Oh my gosh, there is a big Irish Setter lost in the woods." I have made this little red deer for my husband to recall the RED FOX I thought was a dog.

Position your deer about a half inch away from tinsel stem. I wanted it to appear as though my little fawns have just emerged from the edge of the woods. Keep the majority of decorations behind the deer.

Do you know the funniest thing about living in the Heart of Ohio is the abundance of deer to be spotted on a daily basis. My TSG called her Dad the other day to let him know there were FIVE DEER in her DRIVEWAY, and she lives in the CITY!

Plastic greenery and mushrooms. Oh my gosh do these recall for me ornaments from the past. In person these are oh so CUTE!

Oh! And happy deer spotting!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mitten Garland

I could not live in a more perfect state for me than Ohio as I am someone who loves weather. Living in the Heart of Ohio, the weather can change drastically in a single day. In a single hour. Warm and 70 degrees one minute, 32 degrees and snowing the next. A garland of mittens tutorial and Giveaway is just right for today!

GOLDEN RULE - I love the paper packs and embellishments from K and Co. as carried by Michaels. They are all 40% off this week. Don't be overwhelmed by the array of patterns, they are all designed to go together. Instead think DARK, MEDIUM, and LIGHT. Each mitten will repeat this Golden Rule.

ONE VINTAGE FEATURE - added to each mitten will make modern papers take on a nostalgic feel. TIP: Look for plastic candle wreaths at your local Goodwill. Nothing says vintage like plastic! (Cardboard is "sandwiched" between front and back printed papers.)

TELL A STORY -  My mittens recall for me my first married Christmas. A corsage from my husband for my winter coat, greetings at my new In-laws doorstep, decorating our very first tree and the joy of a holiday now shared by two.

CREATE FOCAL POINTS - The eye will be drawn to embellishments or images that are clustered together. Here the pink rosette and leaf stems are my main focal point.
ANCHOR YOUR EMBELLISHMENTS Please never let them float! Notice how the lower leaf stem is anchored by the focal point rosette but leads your eye to another area of interest. The little blue flower is anchored to the greeting, the red flower "waterfalls". Had I placed them in the printed area to the left they would "float" and have no meaning.

REPEAT - Dark mitten cuff, Medium image and birds, Light mitten. Focal Point doorway, right bird Anchored to branch, greeting Waterfalling. I love this mitten!

CREATE MOVEMENT WITH DIRECTION - With each mitten I have positioned embellishments that lead the eye both upwards and downwards. This makes your paper art lively.

CREATE MOVEMENT WITH COLOR - Your eye will move from dark to light. By positioning my mittens Dark, Medium, Light, Medium, Dark, the eye will swing back and forth between the dark anchoring mittens.

With one paper pack and two embellishment packages, you can create this nostalgic garland..

Chain (Ch) 32 stitches.
Leaf: Ch 8, Single Crochet (SC) in stitch next to hook. Half Double Crochet (HDC-Yarn Over, insert hook in stitch, pull yarn through all three loops on hook.) in next stitch, Double Crochet (DC) in next stitch, Triple Crochet in next stitch, DC in next stitch, HDC in next stitch, Slip Stitch (SlpS) in next stitch. Leaf made.
*Chain 16,  pull loop of yarn through hole in mitten Chain 16, Make Leaf*
Repeat between *'s until last mitten has been attached.Chain 16, make last leaf
Chain 32 stitches, cut yarn and pull through bottom of last leaf to create hanger. Cut yarn. Repeat at beginning of garland.

 Print/Full Size Paper


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Follow Me?

When I was at my daughter's home these past few days painting, she said to me in the evening as we sat side by side on her couch, "Mom, I pinned one of your photographs on Pinterest."

Keeping my utter surprise contained, I asked her, "How do you know I am on Pinterest?"

"I searched for you, Mom!" (Still in shock) "Do you want to see my Pinterest?" (There are miracles!)

As I looked at all her lovely categories involving fashion, she said to me, "You have a lot of people following you."  A surprised look came over my face. "Following me? Why are they following me, and where are they following me to?"

 She explained, "The photographs you pin, they are going behind you to look at as well." A sense of worry came over me.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so embarrassed. I easily get sidetracked and completely get lost. I have to open a new window just to find my way Home again!"

I'm in a bit of a panic this evening as I open my e-mail to find 33 new individuals are following me on Pinterest. Does this mean they are as lost as mE?

I have tried and tried to find my own daughter on Pinterest as a stunning underwater photograph she had pinned made me think of Florida, which inspired me to create my "Welcome to Florida by the Lemon Growers Association" character, which reminded me of vintage puzzle pieces I have of all my favorite states, which inspired me to begin working on my Valentines for next year. Soooo..... as I said, I get easily lost! 

Please do not Pin pattern to Pinterest

Friday, November 9, 2012

Montgomery Wards

John and Greg were the very best of friends through mothers with a shared cause. The Woman's Movement of the 1970's gave formerly content housewives the opportunity to realize husband approved hobbies into a way to earn their own monies.

The Paint and Pallet collected together the artistic talents of the mother's friends to showcase their art for public sale. The newly built novelty Iverson Mall provided the perfect venue to attract wallets filled with cash.

The tag along eight-year-old boys occupied themselves with all the amusements the Mall had to offer, but several weekends into the Art Show, their natural curiosity got the best of them. "Will the mother's of John and Greg please report to security."

The mother's arrived to find the boys, legs dangling over institutional chairs, hands angelically clasped in their laps, ready to face their punishment.

Mirror sided columns in the store were observed by the boys opening and closing by men in suits. Waiting until the coast was clear, the boys opened the mirror themselves to discover an ascending ladder. A view of the entire store on monitors was their reward, the sound of footfalls their demise.

The fear of the law was put into the boys, a ban from ever entering Montgomery Wards hung over them for LIFE. The boys are still as close as brothers to this day, their adventures enough to fill a book. With the coming of the holiday season, I never miss an opportunity to ask my brother if he is glad Montgomery Wards has gone out of business!

Please do not Pin pattern to Pinterest.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cotton Pickin' Cute!

I simply love visiting blogs this time of year to find the most wonderful Christmas projects to make and display in my craft room. Imagine my delight at coming across these two adorable felt holiday shakers at  Cotton Pickin' Fun

Oh my gosh! Holly's patterns charm me no end with their simplicity of construction and charming circle features. I love the tilted hats and stripy stick on Mr. Snowman.

Holly shares easy to follow directions and tips to make your own shakers Cute as Can Be. I love the expressions on her frosty couple!

And just look at the cute seam down the middle of her Gingerbread Man Trinket Box. I love that detail!

I made her adorable Snowman Trinket Box. I love the dripping icicles.

Thank you Holly for so generously sharing your patterns!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bigsby's Department Store

Have you noticed? The city sidewalks of Creative Breathing are beginning to bustle with the sounds of holiday preparation. The official countdown has begun to the most glorious holiday of the year.

Nowhere can the excitement be felt more merrily than through the Cute as Can Be employees of Bigsby's Department Store where "Warm Wishes for a Very Happy Holiday Season" are extended to you.

Behind the scenes last minute assignments are given to the dedicated elves there to assist you.

"Toyland Again! I was hoping for Sporting Goods!"

There is no time for dissension at Bigsby's Department Store. The customer's are arriving. Elves in their places.

"Can you direct me to Toyland?"

"Right this way, please."

Customers love that Bigsby gives out free Candy Canes with each Santa visit.

Oh My! Bigsby's always has the best Santa. Naturally. Bigsby's has THE Santa!

The Bigsby's Department Store Elves do hope you have enjoyed your holiday visit.

And from this Creative Breather to YOU, let the countdown to Christmas begin!