Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aunt Dorothy

I met Aunt Dorothy as a newlywed just as her irascible husband entered his retirement years at the age of 55. I was quite intimidated by this mother of four grown children who seemed to have the energy of a washing machine constantly on the spin cycle.

Meals on the table with the precision of a mess cook in charge of an army of one, a bite of food not homemade ever touching the lips of Uncle Roy.

Baking, canning, cleaning, sewing, crocheting, church pot lucks and retreats, a home kept immaculately clean. I was worn out by her energies, I couldn't possibly imagine what her secret must be.

As I share my second post of the day, laundry folded and put away, pets fed and walked, house spic and span, I am struck by the amount of energy that seems to fill my days.

Aunt Dorothy's secret no longer one, empty-nest life stretches before me like an endless winding road.

Just an explanation offered for the crafts that seem to pour forth from my craft room without end. It's not that work and other things don't occupy my day, it's just that my mind seems to constantly be on speed dial!

I will say to my husband, "At least I'm being constructive!" and he will in turn reply, "Yeah, but it doesn't earn us any money!"

There wasn't a moment of any day spent with Aunt Dorothy that she didn't greet me with a warm smile and a piece of pie. And so this is where I am in my life's journey, a very happy place to be.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Owl Pinkeep

Owlright now, what is the fascination with this nocturnal feathered friend? I seem to see them in every cute craft room I visit.

Could it be their owlishly handsome good looks? Their owlknowing keen intelligence?

I may be late to this owloccasion  fascination, but I'm so glad I've finally arrived!

Please do not Pin Pattern to Pinterest.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor Baby Payday

"Who Me?" I laugh each time I think of the moment my grown son realized that WE were the Poor Babies shopping at the thrift stores on Payday.

I absolutely adore the days when friends will show their found treasures. I think to myself that I might possibly not know what I like If someone didn't show it to me first!

I also like the person I am becoming through the acceptance that there are those with much more and much less than myself. Sharing someone's good fortune who has much can be a difficult thing to learn. Not feeling guilty for what you have yourself is more difficult still.

My husband once mentioned to me that a wealthy friend never removed her wedding ring as I seemed to always be doing. I became indignant that he would even compare me to someone who had most likely never cleaned a toilet in their lives. Ugly. I felt so ugly after our argument.

"Who, Me? Yes, Me!" I have been a person light of heart for many years since this argument. Sharing in anyone's good fortune makes me fortunate as well.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aunt Bertha

I found the cutest child's apron at the antique mall on my way to visit my daughter this past Monday. It was quite yellowed with age. I found a product named Bluing Agent at the grocery store that seemed to be just the thing to try.

Filling my sink well with cold water, I perused the label. "Good for keeping white hair white." Oh my gosh! Aunt Bertha! She always talked about bluing her beautiful white hair.

Bertha was my father-in-law's oldest sister. She had married Eddie, a very handsome ne'er-do-well who was crazy about her but was more crazy about the bottle. Many was the night of family socializing that other newlywed in-laws would help put her husband to bed in the bathtub to "dry out".

Although Bertha was was from a large Catholic family, her home on the East side of Detroit was located doors down from a Baptist church whose tenants restrict any form of alcohol. An ultimatum was given to Eddie. "Either come to this church with me, or loose me and your two fine infant boys."

A favorite story recalled many times when our large family now gathers and our hearts are missing our loved ones passed. When we speak of Aunt Bertha, we always speak of the miracle of Uncle Eddie who after stepping foot over the threshold of God's house fell to his knees in prayer and never took another drink in his life.

Further down the label on my bluing agent in fine print, "Send for instructions on using this product to grow your own crystal garden." Oh, Aunt Bertha! Your faith in this product was as strong as your faith in God!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Door" to Door Salesman


Imagine my delight in discovering my mother-in-law's brother was a Door to Door screen door salesman in early 1950's California.My sister-in-laws all gave me a "So?" look as I squealed at each photograph seen.

They now know if I say, "It's a Blog Thing." I'm talking about CUTE and the women who enjoy CUTE. Can you imagine the stares traveling from door to door? Pun intended! These are Ruth's nephews.

Holy Cowboy Hat! "It's a Blog Thing for sure!"

A photograph taking before saying farewell. A cuter family there just never could be.

"EAK! It seems Ruth was holding back on me! Just look at this brochure from vacation taken with her high school friends.

Ruth was a Keeper of Memories, and so am I. Memories like these last more than one lifetime.