Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bobwhites and Brownies

I adore Brownies because of the kitchen in Only Child girls house. I always volunteered to be the oven watcher just so that I could linger alone in this most special room. A round table tucked into the only corner, a long white tablecloth hanging to the floor. Comfortable chairs with arms and cushions, a lamp on the table. Toaster and jams, blue and white place mats, a cow to spill milk, Delft Blue filled with yellow flowers. Magazines and books, reading glasses and newspapers, round tins of hard candies. A table that never had to be set because it was used throughout the day.

Brownies cut in squares, Bobwhites ready for Boy Talk on Danielle's bedroom floor. Rotation visits could not come soon enough for the chance to be in a bedroom designed especially for her. Pink and white strips hand painted on the walls, French Vanilla moldings before the ceiling. Window seat with underneath drawers, Priscilla curtains in pale green stripes, shutters to pull across the window. Even her closet was custom made to match her room, Family Affair come to life.

Goodbyes at the door, vanilla light over my shoulder, the long walk home. Grassy dew dampening my sneakers, sliding door patio just ahead. "How was your evening?" greetings from Mom. Tucked under feet straightened, book set aside."It was wonderful! We made brownies."

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Strawberry Festival

John Greenwalt was the smartest boy in my class. I knew this because he wore plaid shirts and glasses. It was said he came to wear glasses from sitting inches away from the television set while sitting on the floor in front of it. This I personally knew to be true from having seem him do this myself in sixth grade. The gamma rays from staring at the test pattern was something to be avoided at all costs unless you wanted to end up like John Greenwalt.

 John Greenwalt was someone to ignore because he seemed to be a short adult who somehow never graduated. In my heart of hearts I ignored him because I knew him too well as myself. Shy and studious, overly conscientious, polite and solicitous to adults. Unpopular, unattractive, class clod without the glasses.

 Spring sunshine, blossoms on the sidewalk, preparations for the annual Strawberry Festival. A special visitor would be coming to speak at our school, a Miss America contestant. A real Beauty Queen, a real celebrity, John Greenwalt's sister! I will never forget the thrill of this day. Janet was the first beautiful girl I had ever seen in person. Her every word and movement memorized, adolescent prayers at night, hoped for confidence by morning's alarm.

John Greenwalt, plaid shirt and glasses, Class President, most likely to succeed. The day I was told I would need glasses was the moment I became the smartest girl in my class. It was the day a real Beauty Queen came to my school and planted the thought that beauty might be just around the corner, but intelligence was something I already possessed.

Please do not Pin pattern on Pinterest.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing, Me!

I am so excited to share this wonderful drawing commissioned of Chelsea Ann of Itty Bitty Birdy I asked her to create a drawing for me that I can use on note cards. I specifically wanted her to create my peg doll with it's sweet simple face and peg legs. I think she has perfectly captured her.

Chelsea Ann is one of the very first people I met in our community. I believe we are very near to being the same person at different stages of life. We both wear our hearts on our sleeves, easily bruised when life is not kind; but always hopeful for what a new day will offer.

Dear Sweet Chelsea Ann, Thank you again and again for your talent, your free spirited heart, and your kindness towards me. Elizabeth