Sunday, May 20, 2012

Newlyweds and Mothers

My sweet Twirly Swirl Girl and Joe have now celebrated their six month anniversary.  That they have barely known each other a year makes this milestone one measured carefully by mothers wanting the best for their own offspring.

You can tell by our postures when we are together that each of us is ready to defend the twenty something years our children have lived on this earth that we have been responsible for. We each know that we have been good mothers.

We have now hosted each others families in our home, a measuring by our own standards spoken of to our husbands on the long drive that separates our homes.

Our differences in beliefs will always keep us at arms length, but on one very important detail it seems we will be a united front. Both of our children have stepped out of the light of the tenants of religion. Both do not share the beliefs of their parents. Both mothers are waiting for them to hear the call of God.

We both agree that it can not have been by accident that our two children should have found each other. Each mother hoping for someone who would draw their own child back towards God. Each with children convinced of their own convictions.

With two mothers sending the same prayers to Heaven before they close their eyes, there can only be a happy ending for newlyweds, Joe and Kellye.


Musings from Kim K. said...

You always have a gentle yet powerful story mixed with special creations. We are getting ready to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. With my mother in laws recent passing, I think back to my stressful wedding with two very strong willed mothers protecting their children. Has how 20 years passed so quickly? So many changes...sigh.

vivian said...

Elizabeth.. isnt it difficult letting go and letting them soar even when we dont really agree with the direction theyre taking? not that its a bad direction, just not the one we would choose for them..
I pray that they both search and find they way to Gods path for them.
And big hugs for you! I know how hard it is!

Perfectly Printed said...

You said it in your post...something brought them together! It's our faith that keeps us going...we know God has a plan, we just are not sure what that is yet!


RetroSandie said...

Elizabeth, it is very difficult to "hold one's tongue" when it comes to adult children. I have found myself in that place also. But I think we have to stand back and go with their decisions, even if different from what we want. We can give our love and support, and time and experience will bring them to the right path.

vintage grey said...

Elizabeth, I will keep them both in my prayers! The lord is good and faithful!! xo Heather

Ina said...


Julia said...

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