Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Memories Keepsake Frame

I have so wanted to create a Christmas Memories Keepsake Frame after having seen one illustrated in "Gooseberry Patch Christmas all Through the House". From the kindness of readers who have sent me vintage whatnots, the time is finally here.

Supplies gathered; a vintage Christmas hankie was sent to me by a reader of my blog as well as vintage tomato red rick rack, an inexpensive white frame, a very rare photograph of my husband and his siblings.

Scrapbook paper traced the size of the frame glass. The glass will be the backing for the project.

Rick rack hot glued in place every two inches.

A fat-quarter of fabric is folded in half to create a two-layered thickness. A center found, 1/2" pleats made towards the center line and ironed crisply.

Using my frame as a guide, I center my fabric on my paper and determine where I need to create my outside edge pleat. It is just at the inside edge of the frame.Make a finger crease and then iron crisply.

I have repeated this step on the other side using my frame again for the placement of the crease.

 I have cut off two corners of my hankies and centered them over the pocket openings.

I have used the creases of the pockets to determine where to fold inwards the edges of the hankies. Iron and then slip into the created pockets.

I promise this project took only an hour to make! A last step, I slipped card stock between the two folded layers of fabric for a nice presentation.

Ready for final assembly, I have centered my pockets about 3/4th of the way down my cut out background paper. Fold back the left pocket and run a bead of hot glue down center line. Fold pocket back in place and press on center line to smooth.

 In turn, lift the outer edges of the pockets and hot glue down length.

On back of project, I have hot glued outer edges of fabric layers ONLY to glass. The bottom edge is kept in place when inserted into frame to prevent bunching. Place project inside frame. replace backing panel for hanging.

The ABSOLUTE fun part for me was tucking in the tuck-ins I have been sent in the mail. Little silver frames hold photos of my husband in his snow suit.

Childhood Scrabble letters added last. Christmas Memories to last a lifetime!


PinkGranny said...

Wonderful! I like your kitchen and your dinette set reminds me of the one we had when I was a little girl.

The frame turned out so cute and you are blessed to have so many friends who know what you need in your kitchen. I can just imagine sitting down with a warm cup and visiting for a spell.

Nan said...

E is that really your kitchen? Oh my gosh it's like a kitchen out of a vintage magazine shot. I adore it. The cute pocket you made is just so darn sweet for tucking in your little gifts of appreciation from friends and those plates my goodness they are perfect. Nan

Unknown said...


LBP said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!



Anonymous said...

Precious! Just like you! ♥

Home and Heart said...

You deserve the best of friends!! Love this plates too!

ImagiMeri said...

Hello sweet friend,

I'm so glad (really tickled) that you could use the goodies I sent you. It makes me so happy when you create and to know that I helped makes my heart giggle!

Love ya'

Scrap for Joy said...

I really admire the way you can look at a picture of something and wonderfully recreate it. Amazing! This is the sweetest project and I bet those plates will look great in Valerie's kitchen. You are such a thoughtful and generous soul Elizabeth.

Paula Clare said...

Oh E! THIS is an altered artist's DREAM! What a WONDERFUL way to use all kinds of found and collected goodies! I MUST have one! I MUST make one! I MUST overcome my fear of "botching it" and just TRY! Thank you for sharing with us the tutorial! I will let you know what mine turns out to be!

Unknown said...

Oh, me, Oh, my just how do you do it. Each new posting is better than the last. Just popped in for a fix before starting dinner. I really, really want your kitchen.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What an adorable frame. Such a cute way to use the hanky. I am going to remember that and try to make one. So cute!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Unknown said...

How cute!!!!! One more project to put on the list! :):) I just got done with one I am sending your way kiddo! I hope you like it!!!! Just for you Elizabeth, because you are so special!!!! :):) I got my tags today too!

Pieceful Bits said...

I really like that E!
The pink, red, white!!!!
The little mementos all tucked in but still peeking out.
Very, very sweet!
Happy Friday Eve,

Debby said...

So cute, you are so creative.
Glad the tags arrived. I wish they were more retro/vintage.....I hope they were okay. Can't wait to see them all.
Love that kitchen. So sweet of you to send her your dishes.

Cindy said...

Tee hee..I am so doing this project this weekend.I had 1/2 of it figured out already..the hanky just puts it over the top..and that fell into my lap today at a thrift store..yah!! Will post the finished project. Thanks for sharing!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

vivian said...

HI Elizabeth! guess what came in my mail today! The apron pockets are all wonderful! I havent decided quite wnat to do with them yet but I love them. And your heart... you are so special I cant believe that you made 22 of these hearts for us. I dont think I know a more thoughtful or generous person then you.
thank you so much!!
love ya!

Angela said...

Hi Elizabeth! I would love to be considered for your swap in Feb - will look for the details coming up in December! I'm still a newbie at these but it's so much fun! I'm currently working on my paper mache snowman face and hope it turns out as cute as yours. :)

Angela said...

Elizabeth - you need to be considered for Artful Blogging!

Unknown said...

Your such a creative Gus E. I just love your card holder. I am now officially in love with red which was never a favorite color of mine before.

I received my swap package today. It couldn't have come at a better time. I adore my heart. How you do it, I will never know. I know you must have little Brownie elves helping at night or do you only sleep 1 hour a night? All the tags were so so cute and all that work, well I thrilled to have all of them. I can see I'm going to need to spend some time in the kitchen when Neils well (stomach virus). All the recipes look delicious.

Thanks for all your hard work to make each of us feel so special. I hope I can start up with your tag along this year and I can't wait for the Valentine Swap too.

Warm grateful hugs...Tracy :)

Carey said...

OMG I love this! Thanks so much for sharing how you did it. I would love to make this for my mother in law for Christmas. I would put in all of her grandkids Christmas pictures. I just have to know what wallpaper is hanging on your wall. I have noticed it before and I just love it!

Suz said...

So very cute. Once again, I would have never thought of that combination and it is magnificent. Your cleverness and charming creations delight me constantly!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I was just looking through that old Gooseberry Patch Christmas book, Elizabeth and eying that card holder myself...that is so funny!

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