Monday, April 12, 2010

The Strawberry Festival

John Greenwalt was the smartest boy in my class. I knew this because he wore plaid shirts and glasses. It was said he came to wear glasses from sitting inches away from the television set while sitting on the floor in front of it. This I personally knew to be true from having seem him do this myself in sixth grade. The gamma rays from staring at the test pattern was something to be avoided at all costs unless you wanted to end up like John Greenwalt.

 John Greenwalt was someone to ignore because he seemed to be a short adult who somehow never graduated. In my heart of hearts I ignored him because I knew him too well as myself. Shy and studious, overly conscientious, polite and solicitous to adults. Unpopular, unattractive, class clod without the glasses.

 Spring sunshine, blossoms on the sidewalk, preparations for the annual Strawberry Festival. A special visitor would be coming to speak at our school, a Miss America contestant. A real Beauty Queen, a real celebrity, John Greenwalt's sister! I will never forget the thrill of this day. Janet was the first beautiful girl I had ever seen in person. Her every word and movement memorized, adolescent prayers at night, hoped for confidence by morning's alarm.

John Greenwalt, plaid shirt and glasses, Class President, most likely to succeed. The day I was told I would need glasses was the moment I became the smartest girl in my class. It was the day a real Beauty Queen came to my school and planted the thought that beauty might be just around the corner, but intelligence was something I already possessed.

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Hearts Turned said...

Loved it...loved it all! Your stories make me so happy, Elizabeth! I got my glasses in the fourth grade...I can relate all too well! What a truly beautiful beauty queen to help your realize your true beauty!

Look at all the wonderful creations you're assembling for your giveaway! Each one a treasure!

Hope you're having fun today!

Cindy said...

We need to start a glasses club..mine.. I got in first grade.
That is a day I will never forget..we walked out of the office..and the sights of the leaves on seriously...I saw leaves for the first time..they had shape..and such a intense color of green..and blades of grass..not just a blur of green..glasses..a new world!!

One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go Elizabeth go!! lol

Hugs Cindy
Rick-Rack and Gingham

Unknown said...

Thank you Julie and Cindy. Boy do I remember the first day I saw leaves! Who knew!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! E

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Loving all the blog ribbons popping up...and how everyone puts their own personal stamp on them! Great John Greenwalt, beauty queen and gamma ray story..another slice of childhood! For the record, I didn't get glasses until highschool, when I realized I couldn't read the signs on the highway unless they WERE REALLY CLOSE to me...not a good thing when you are learning to drive!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Love all of the blog ribbons...Mary Lou at House of Whimsy really got those going too, last year for the Farm Chicks Show...they are so fun. I am going to have to make one too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

whisper whisper ... I'm thinking you misspoke, er, wrote - I just know you couldn't be described as "contentious" darling Elizabeth ... I'm wondering if you meant conscientious??? That sounds like you (not the other!). :)

Oh! I'll have to see what all the blog ribbons are about, so much fun.

(Hoping you saw my comment about my little giveaway on your last post!)

annemarie said...

I think I beat out everyone - I got glasses when I was five - and because I was so far-sighted, they were thick! Back in the "old days" they did not make the nice thin lenses that they do today. I dreamed of the day when I could get contact lenses! Loved this post as I do all your posts!!

Jessica Rodarte said...

You have the loveliest posts. :)

Nan said...

Another cute story kept me glued to the screen lol..then the sweet banner made for you, how nice of your new reader. These blogs sure do bring out the good in people don't they. I just received a card and tag in the mail from Jackie our blog friend to show she's thinking of me.

SueLovesCherries said...

Cute story, Elizabeth! I feel left out - didn't get glasses until adulthood!

vivian said...

Another wonderful story! I am going to make a blog banner. Soon!!
I got my glasses in the first grade and hated them. I would purposely not wear them, my mother somehow never notices.. but the crossing guard at the corner did and she always sent me back to get them! they were "cateye" glasses. But I was so embarrassed to wear them!
anyways.. I wish I had all your brain and talent girlfriend!! you rock!

Suzie Button said...

Elizabeth, what a great story of your old school chum! I just this year got my first pair of glasses, at 48!! I suppose middle-age has caught up with me! Ha!
As usual, your creations and those of your friends brighten my day! Suzie

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Elizabeth! What a sweet post, and I love your creations!!! Meri told me about you, so here I am. You're both very talented ladies!
So nice to meet you! Hugs, Paulette ;)