Thursday, March 14, 2013

Creative Breathing Painting Tutorial

It has been the most rewarding experience for me to see so many of you giving Paper Clay a try. I have seen the cutest Easter creations ever on so many blogs that I visit.I have gotten quite a few e-mails asking about the paints I use.  Ah! A Creative Breathing Post if ever there was one.

I am passionate about color and think knowing just a few basics elevates your work tremendously. Do you have a favorite color pallet? Think of all the things you have created and will create as your body of work. Is it cohesive, does it tell a color story?

Here are all of the paint colors I have now used for five years. Primary and secondary colors; black, brown, flesh, and white. Notice there are three values for each color, dark, medium, and light.

"Now, the dining room. I'd like yellow. Not just yellow; a very gay yellow. Something bright and sunshine-y. I tell you, if you'll send one of your men to the grocer for a pound of their best butter, and match that exactly, you can't go wrong!" Do you recognize this line from "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House?"

The paint scene is my very favorite! Here is how I work with colors. WHITE: Is put off center on pallet. Paint all white areas first. NOTE: Paint is pulled onto the brush from the edge of the paint.

FLESH: Is placed a distance away from white. The two colors are drawn to the center  to mix. NOTE: Don't squeeze white directly into another color as you will waste paint trying to get the right shade..

CHEEKS: A highlight color is added to pallet with room on the right side to drag shading brush first through flesh then edge of highlight color. I wanted a little orange with my MS Love Dove; so I have added it alongside. You can see the "clean line" on the pallet left by the brush.

YELLOW HAIR: Yellow is added a slight distance from white and mixed in the middle of both.

EYES: A small amount of black is added to pallet. Eyes are painted while flesh and white are still available for touch ups and highlights. A liner brush is dipped into the center of the paint an allowed to "ball" on the end of the bristles. This allows you to "push" the paint for easier application.

BRUSHES: An inexpensive package of liner brushes is essential. The longest brush is used to "line" the eyes. Add a few drops of water to center of paint and mix with liner brush. The brush is pulled and "twirled" several times to bring the brush to a point.

EYE LINER:  Begin where black has already been applied. If your line appears too thick, you have too much paint on your brush. Add another drop of water, and twirl brush into a point again. Eyelashes would also begin on the eye and go out.

MIXING COLORS: I have washed my pallet to mix lots of lightened yellow for ducks. I now want to paint a vintage shade of pink which has an orange tint to it. Because yellow is used to make orange, I will leave it on my pallet and use it to warm my pink and lighten it because there is already white in the yellow.

A lovely shade of vintage pink!

DUCK LIPS: You can always use a lighter shade of any color that is a component of the next color you want to use instead of adding white. Orange is made by mixing red and yellow. There is red, white, and a touch of yellow in my pink. It can be used to lighten my orange. A perfect duck lip shade!

MATCHING: Medium blue and white are mixed in the middle. A square shader is the other type of brush that is a must have. When painting a large area, the brush is "loaded" with paint. It glides onto the surface. (You can see this is a favorite brush as it's paint has come of the handle!)

The blue above was mixed to match my paper sailor's hat. Yellow is added for my bluebird to match the vintage paper on the trinket box. I use a very limited group of papers when I create as shown in the first photograph. Red, black, orange and green are added in the fall months. My papers match my felt and paints.
They tell my Creative Breathing story.

My Sailor Duck is happy that his shirt and hat match!  I share this post for those of you new to crafting to know that with just a few basic supplies, much can be made. And I do hope you will share your creations with me!


Silvia said...

Hello Elizabeth, ever since I've discovered your blog I'm a regular visitor. I love your creations, stories and tutorials.

I've just made my first felt creation with one of your tutorials, the Easter Bluebird. You can find it on my blog.

Have a lovely day.
gr. Silvia

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your shading techniques are just outstanding. Thank you for such a great tutorial. Your talents never cease to amaze.

Perfectly Printed said...

Thank you for the tutorial! It's the next step for me....painting what I thought was going to be a duck, but really is going to be a bird!


C said...

What I love about your work Elizabeth is that it has such cohesion. Your style screams out no matter what you do. It has evolved but is always always instantly recognizable. Your colour palette is such a strong part of that. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes, Carol :) x

ginny said...

Thank you Elizabeth for another wonderful tutorial.I appreciate the way you use your colors and mix them to get the values you want.I think it makes for a warmer end product.Your paperclay characters are just delightful.Have a great day.

FourSistersInACottage said...

Elizabeth!!!! If I only had the talent you had I would be making precious treasures like you do. I just love everything you do. AMAZING is the only word I have to describe YOU!!!!
Hugs to you my friend, Keep on creating and sharing. I will live my creative side thru you.
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Anonymous said...

HI Elizabeth! Oh, I just love what you do and everything is so darling! I may try this but I could never make little sweeties like you! Hope youre week is going well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Carmen said...

Hi Elizabeth, I hope that you are feeling better. Thank you again for another lesson on painting tutorial. You have a gift for teaching. Please take care you self and I can wait for another lesson. Thank you and have a nice day. xoxo

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

So nice of you to share your techniques! I'm still hoping to try this pretty craft sometime!! :) Hope you have a lovely day! xo Holly

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

ps. what kind of glitter do you use? It looks just so perfect on the figures you make :)

kimber said...

What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you, again, for sharing!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Oh, how I have missed the blogging world and visiting all the wonderful friends I've made here.
I've loved scrolling through here to see all your beautiful Easter creations and the wonderful collection of vintage nursery planters.
I hope you're doing well. There's never a dull moment over here with my new "yours, mine and ours" family and the new little twins. I'm very happy, content... (and busy). : )

By Neymes said...


Holly said...

What a wonderful painting tutorial! I am so glad that you shared this. Martha Stewart paints are wonderful, I am going to slowly transition over from Anita's. Anita's Acrylics tend to clump over time :( Buying several shades of one color is a wonderful tip! Thank you so much for always sharing your tips and techniques. I love to go back and reread them. I always learn something new that I missed before. Have a wonderful day and I hope that you are doing better, Holly

A Little Creation said...

Myrna Loy was Mrs. Blandings. I LOVE that movie! Can you believe $15,000 was an upper middle class income. I like the rest of that scene, matching the celing color to tiny flowers in the wallpaper and a skein of thread.
Okay, now I'm going back to reread the painting tutorial again.
Chris =]

A Little Creation said...

Oh wow, orange in pink I never knew. Thanks!
Chris =]

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh, Elizabeth! Your sweet little duckie is cute as a button. You make it look so easy...but, I'm afraid your talent is far far beyond mine.
Thank you for showing us step by step.
Happy St. Patty's Day, my friend.
Carolynn xo

The Custards said...

Yet more wonderful creations from your good self - your attention to detail is a credit to you.
Thank you as always for calling in - I did indeed read your comment....kindred spirits from across the oceans
Best wishes

Denise said...

Enjoyed-Thank you Elizabeth :)

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Miss E,
I had to reread this post. It just makes me giggle when you give color instructions for duck lips. Oh, I tell you we are sisters. I actually was feeling very happy and enjoying looking at the mixing of colors. I do believe we have artist's souls. I may not have the skills of an artist, but definitely the soul! I also loved that scene in the movie where the wife is describing the colors, so funny!

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