Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dolly Dingle Valentines

They are all done, Valentine hearts for you! What an absolute joy to create each and every one. I can't wait to address them and send them on their way.

It was such fun to choose just the right Valentine for each person. A heart filled with romance is just right for Diane of Saturday Finds.

This young Miss is for Lindsey of Two Crazy Crafters.

"How much...?" That's what Deb of Garage Sale Gal loves to hear her customers ask.

A wise owl for a wise woman. Meri, of ImagiMeri.

 I hope you have been inspired by the wonderful images of another time and perhaps have recalled a special day of Valentines of your own.


Hope said...

those Valentines are just too cute for words. i can hardly wait till I get mine! just a word: the postal service from here to the US has been VERY VERY slow. My sister only just got her birthday prezzies that was sent on the 17th of December and my daughter has yet to receive aany of the three packages I sent her and her family for Christmas, so I hope your Valentine package will arrive in a reasonable amount of time. I mailed it last week.

Home and Heart said...

These are so darling Elizabeth! I read your previous post and just cried. You have so many gifts. I am sorry that some were born out of sadness. You are a joy and I am sure your father would swell with pride to see the woman you are, so talented and giving, and the kindness you spread. I, among many, are grateful for you!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

These are lovely, Elizabeth! I love all the colors you've used here. I look at my first tag every day {I have it on the bulletin board by our kitchen/garage door} and am so glad I did try it. I have to start another one soon so that I can learn more about layering, but I want to get those foam pieces you use to raise some of the images up. I think it will work better than the Zots I used on my first one.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet as can be! I'm off to read your tribute! ♥

Debby said...

Yours is ready but waiting for the inside to arrive.....hah, I got you guessing......just something I think is extra cute.
Yours are adorable.

Unknown said...

All of these are just sooo fun! I want you to know that I will be having a Halloween Tag exchange! So please everyone put it on the calenders! When you find out why I chose Halloween you will laugh! I am a bit sad to think that this is your last swap Elizabeth.....I had never heard of such a thnig before I met you! Even tho' you will not be hosting them, you will be involved, right?????? I went out and got the backing for the penny rug, the perfect shade of butter was 50 cents! LOL I am painting today I hope......have a wonderful day! Love, Sandy

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh Elizabeth! Those are the cutest! What a lot of smiles you are going to bring with those.

Happy early Valentines Day!

Pieceful Bits said...

What adorable Valentines! Could not be any sweeter.

My Vintage Mending said...

Miss E. they are so beautiful that I could never come close to making something like them. Each one tells the story well. Speaking of stories, yesterdays was such a wonderful tribute to your father. I can only imagine the impression he left on you. There are not enough kind and gentle souls in this world. Thank you for the laughs, smiles, tears and treats. Words cannot say enough.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that your blog always puts a smile on my face. I just LOVE all that you do. I am not a scrapper, but your work makes me want to be! I am a huge vintage fan...collector of images and paper things...pretty much a lover of all things kitsch and cute and your work is just adorable. It always makes me happy when I see it. Thank you for sharing it with all of us

Carey said...

Your cards are beautiful. I am working on mine and have a question. Where do you shop for your vintage images, is there an online image site or store. Also, I tried taking some images from Flickr but I can't seem to copy anything anymore. I appreciate your help.
Thanks and have a great day.
P.S. Yor prior post was very moving. Your Dad lead an inspirational life. It is so hard to believe that in our life time racism was so enormousely prevalent in society. Thanks so people like your Dad tings are changing.


Hi E,
Mine are all done and will be mailed next week! Thank you for having one last tag swap! I'm so thankful!

Suz said...

These are the most wonderful valentines I have ever seen. I wish I were at home with my supplies and I would make you one just for fun!

Allison said...

Hi Elizabeth...I just sent you my Valentine. It's coming from California so hopefully you will have it by Tuesday. Hope yoy like it! So much fun...

Angela said...

Hi E! I'm working on getting your valentine mailed out this week! I haven't forgotten. I would email you my info but I unfortunately do not see an email area on your blog. Have a great day! Hugs!!Angela

Unknown said...

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