Monday, January 17, 2011

Poodles in Paris

Necessities of life I deem "modern" in nature I avoid with every fiber of my being. One of these is getting new eye glasses. The thought of trying on Nine West or Vera Wang on my Golden Girl face leave me feeling anxious from head to toe.

Glasses chewed beyond use by the Big White Puppy left me no other option but to make the dreaded optical appointment with Dr. Needlecore. Ushered into his office my file in hand, he asked me to don my current pair of glasses. "Oh doctor, they are not wearable at all. I can't see through the teeth marks." "It says right here," Dr. Needlecore ignoring my embarrassed countenance, "Reason for glasses SEVEN years ago, DOG ATE GLASSES!" My immediate thought was of being labeled a pet owner who can't train their dog to behave.

As the simple mathematics behind optical bifocals were explained to me while at the same time being asked to determine which was clearer, "Seven or eight, nine or ten, ten or seven" the ever present veil of OCD descended. I couldn't speak for the numbers spiraling through my conscience. Could I be any more mortified.

Dr. Needlecore was not to be deterred from his enthusiastic sales pitch. "Don't you want to be able to see "Up Here" and "Down Here", "Over Here" and "Over There". Don't you want to be able to see clearly?" My immediate thought was to wonder if Sophia Loren still made eye wear.

"NO! Dr. Needlecore." I blurted out. "I prefer my world to be a little fuzzy. It keeps me from counting lint on the carpet!" A quiet came over Dr. Needlecore as he took a seat nearby and picked off Big White Puppy fur from my sleeve. "I absolutely understand. I'm the same way myself."

When my husband travels to Paris, he says nearly every person can be seen with a well behaved dog by their side. This coming from a man with perfect vision.


Anita Kehn said...

Believe me ~ those without a special dog will never understand. They don't even want to understand! But you and I both know that all things are worth having a furry family friend ~ yes, even getting glasses chewed. Loved the story.

Betty said...

Oh my goodness E. I can't imagine going to the eye doctor with the added nervousness from your OCD. I hate going to the eye doctor and I don't have it. I can't stand them to be in my face and there is always a lecture about my diabetes as if I didn't already get one from my regular doctor.

Angela said...

That's a great post! You hooked me in with Poodles and Paris! I've had several poodles as pets - 4 to be exact- and loved em sooo very much. Good little puppies... These you made are so very cute!
I'm trying to get my pops to get some stylish glasses - he's too cool to look "old"!

My Vintage Mending said...

Hah! Miss E. I have overcome this too! I just buy the cute readers...and yes I even have a chain! Such a sweet story. I love all m puppies to bits and all their hair.

Merci-Notes said...

Dear sweet Elizabeth!
I so understand.. I dropped my $1 pair at Michaels tonight and that did it.. absolutely no chance of finding that little screw that always appeared the 101 times before.... in my purse or miraculously sparkling on the carpet!

SO I do feel for you to have to go and select a new pair after having the old trusty pair by your side, or rather on your head/face for so long.
mm, Sophia would be proud to help you again :)

xo, mary
p.s I love*love*love your cute puppies!

~lisa~ said...

I had to smile after I read this post. My airedale ate a pair of calvin klein glasses that i had maybe 2 months...and did the same with the next pair.
She actually would pull them right off my face.

Now of course, I take them off before I get too close...but I LOVE that dog!

Your chenille doggies are adorable! Is that dark pink baby a terrier or a poodle? Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I so can relate! I had my 7 year old glasses wired and glued in every place imaginable till the just wouldn't take it anymore and forced me to get those new glases. The great thing is I have 2 pair I love!! My tip. Ask a young hip (young man preferable) to help you. He asked what I wanted and I said to look 10 years younger. He took 1/2 the glasses I had picked out and said then these have got to go!

I adore those little furry dogs!! They are tooo cute!

Cindy said...

Oh Elizabeth so sorry about your glasses. I have the dual glasses now for 7 years..I love them..It took me a while to get use to them tho...but I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 for near sightness..then I had to add the bifocal kind to it.
When I get my prescription I get two pair..and try not to go to the Dr. for along time!!!

LOVE all the cute little puppies
you have been busy!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Nan said...

Well I'll tell you around here in this little Alaskan town one pair of glasses is 600 dollars. I usually wear them two years then get another pair the old one kept for a spare which is a different prescription and I can't see well out of anyway if I needed them. I just made an appt today and the first opening is in March. I wore contacts for 30 years and when I needed reading glasses went to 'Progressive Care' I love them and see wonderful with them. Pups get into everything they have to be watched like a toddler every minute stuff like that happens all the time with pups. Love you Valentine below and the pups you made.

Hope said...

I ahte the eye doctor. I always feel like I am giving the wrong it is a test or something and I might not pass. Truth be told, I have only ever owned one pair of glasses that I loved...the others I have hated. My current bifocals are not great and I have never been satisfied with them so I go without most of the time. I am thinking about getting me a few pair of the reader to keep on my craft/sewing table.

Your little chenille doggies are so cute!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh gosh, I am due to go to the eye doctor myself, Elizabeth. I don't so much dread the exam {well, I do tense up when they do the puff of air into my eyes}, but I hate having to choose new frames. There are so many. I have already decided, though, to go with something similar to what I already have, so hopefully that will help. Of course, I may go with those "rose colored" lenses this time! : )

vivian said...

cute story E and I LOVE those pink puppies. I've always joked (well only half joked) about getting a large poodle and dying it pink and getting it a foufou hair do! OH I think that would be so awesome! some people might think its mean to dye a dog pink, but I've actually read about it and its not!! well, it will most likely never happen as I dont have the time to care for a dog... I always say I want one, but you know, I like so many different kinds I wouldnt even be able to choose.. pink poodle, pug, boxer, doberman, bull dog, great dane, mastiff, old english sheep dog, those are my favorites. well, I'm off on a tangent, which I have no time for, because I need to hustle myself off to work!
so have a great day oh creator of cuteness!

Mary said...

Elizabeth, I am the same way. I despise having to go to the eye doctor. I do not like anyone in my face and I hate the 1 or 2, 3 or 4. My eye doctor is a lady and is so sweet. She will always ask what she can to do make it better for me and I say nothing. If it were not for her kindness, I think I would just never go. Oh, those poodles, I love the pink one with the white puffs. Darling granddaughter would love her. May have to try making one.

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

I loved this story!! I am dreading going to the eye doctor in March--I need new glasses and I just can't choose from all the selections. Plus i really can't see how I look in them without my prescription lenses!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Oh my goodness, I love your sister used to have two poodles and she collects all kids of poodle nick-nacks.
I sure do understand about not being able to see. I need my glasses for all reading and crafting but not for driving..I guess that will come later..LOL
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth


Bad white puppy! Maybe he needs a "friend" to keep him busy!
Of course your little poodles are stinkin' sweet! I love their pretty colors!

Pieceful Bits said...

Hope to see your new trendy shades!!

Lynn Catnes said...

Can we have a tutorial on how you made those absolutely adorable puppies? You are the ultimate creative person I have ever seen! Bravo to you and your wonderful work and blogging which is just the best. I look forward to all of it!Thanks to you!

Robin Sanchez said...

I do hope you will be posting a tutorial on those cute dogs????? I love the poodle.


Anonymous said...

Hee-hee! You made my head ache pain lessen! ;)