Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This month's tag recalls to mind my most favorite television series of all time, Homefront. It tells the story of the Metcalf family from Ohio and the patterns of their days during World War II.  Beautifully filmed with characters to love and hate, a dreamy Big Band score I can still hear in my head.

My favorite character was Ginger, a shop girl dreaming of fame and fortune. Her wardrobe to die for, she was the type of girl to wear red lipstick when it was considered to be racy.

The most fun about Ginger was watching her fall in love with childhood friend Jeff Metcalf who at once could irritate her to no end and then melt her heart in the very next moment.

Each week I couldn't wait to tune in to see if true love would be making headway for these two characters always bickering over whose dreams were most important at the moment.

The complete television series Homefront can now be found on DVD.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peppermint Reindeer

The first holiday season that I worked for Gooseberry Patch, I became so caught up in selling Christmas day in and out that I completely forgot to prepare my own home to celebrate. I promise to set aside all of this wintry crafting the day I turn my calendar page to October. In the meantime, how cute are these Santa's helpers!

Click on image, File, Print Preview, choose size right for you, Print.

HEAD: Eyes are beads tacked on, (french knots could be used as well), a floral stamen was used for nose (satin stitch a choice, too). Ears can be cut by hand. Fold in half and tack stitch bottom edges creating indentation. Tack stitch in place on face front. Button stitch 1/2" strip around face beginning at nose. Catch ears and floral stamen antlers (found in wedding section of craft store). Button stitch head back, stuffing with fiberfill before last stitches taken.

CHENILLE:  Peppermint legs and tail are created by twisting red and white chenille stems together. Tail is created by bending end over, create a right angle to insert into body.
BODY: Slightly overlap body piece, button stitch closed. With same thread button stitch one end circle in place. Stuff body firmly, button stitch back end circle catching tail right angle opposite belly stitch line.

ASSEMBLE: Using small sharp scissors cut very small opening to insert twisted stem until it touches back of body, trim to desired length. Repeat for remaining legs.

Heads are tacked in place with stitches hidden between pieces. Bow and trim tacked in place as well. How cute are these little reindeer!

Peppermint Snowflakes made my first year of blogging from a tutorial found on my most favorite crafting mentor, Jenny B. of Allsorts blog.

A Countdown to Christmas Peppermint Heart just because once you make one reindeer, it's hard to stop!

This Jolly Old Elf seems especially happy to have helpers now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peppermint Santa Clause

Oh My Goodness! Sometimes I overwhelm myself with cuteness. I am always so surprised by the characters that appear before my eyes as I take stitches not knowing quite where they will lead. A Peppermint Santa Clause to share with you!

Click on Image, File, Print Preview, choose the size that is right for you, Print. (your circles should be round, lol!)
HEAD:  Hold beard piece in place to determine position for eyes, two strands floss. (I stitch the cheeks first making it easy to center eyes.) Button stitch 3/4" strip of flesh to face front and back, stuffing with fiberfill just before closing. Stitch mouth, Tack stitch beard in place, tack stitch mustache.

TRIM:  One inch strips of white felt are cut slightly longer than hat edge piece. Strips are cut in half lengthwise and stacked on topped of each other, 4 in all. One long edge is button stitched to hold pieces together. Each strip is snipped at 1/8" intervals without cutting button stitches.  HAT: Form cone shape, button stitch from bottom edge towards top, folding under point of hat and also catching cut strips of white felt for hat pom. Trim is tack stitched to hat. Hat can be hot glued or stitched to head at a jaunty angle.

Head is tack stitched to body until secure.

TRIM: A short and long strip of created trim are tacked to one red coat front. I have saved these vintage shiny buttons for just the right project, this is the one! Button stitch a one inch strip of red around body front. Button stitch to body back stuffing with fiberfill just before closing. Small snips are made on side strip for arms and legs.

Peppermint arms and legs are created by twisting red and white chenille stems together, cut length in half, insert into small opening until desired length is exposed. MITTEN: Button stitch sides, slip over arm, button stitch closed.

FEET: Cut small slits near back edge of shoes. Button stitch shoes closed, insert legs which are bent at right angles at ankles, tack stitch to secure legs.

Oh My Goodness Again! This Peppermint Santa is sweeter than sweet!

He looks perfectly at home with other craft room creations awaiting their special holiday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peppermint Shadowbox

Well here I am on the most beautiful fall September day imaginable happy to celebrate my third year of blogging with you.

Three years filled with stories from the heart and creativity from a very busy wellspring. It seems I can't wait for each new day to arrive as I have discovered this blog is who I truly am.

More than just a Creative Breather, it is the sharing  I have discovered that leaves me at the end of the day pleasantly fulfilled with gratitude that perhaps someone will take away from their visit here an idea that will spark their own creativity.

It seems the mother I have always searched to know has been with me all along. A student by her side has become someone who loves to teach.

Please know how delighted I am when asked, "Would you share with me how..." and then to visit the person's blog and see their own expression of an idea I have shared. Please also know that I learn so much from you as well.

Many thanks for a wonderful three years! Elizabeth