Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Wish You Were Here"


If it is said that a woman will marry a man who is like her Father, Then this could not be more true than in my marriage. In the sixteen years under my Father's care, only a single vacation was ever taken. In the 32 years of my marriage, I have only taken one vacation 32 times!

I have traveled the exact same roads to Northern Michigan, to the exact same destination nearly all of my life. There isn't a Welcome Center along the way that we do not stop at to collect brochures to use in planning the next year's exact vacation. In all these years they have never changed.

When I ask my husband why it is that he can't use the previous year's brochures, his reply is always the same, "There might be something new!" May I tell you if there is something new, I haven't seen it in the last 32 years! Everything is exactly as I found it the year before.

Each year as the spring sun draws closer to the earth and vacation days near, I will say to my husband, "But I just want to go to the beach. I want to go to Florida!" My husband's reply is exactly the same year after year, "But I do take you to the beach. Lake Michigan!"

Before you should jump on my "Florida or Bust" bandwagon and think unkind things of my husband who takes me on exactly the same vacation for 32 years, please know that at each destination we rest our travel weary bodies, we find the love of a family member who I would not know so well had I not visited them every year for 32 years.


SueLovesCherries said...

So - is it safe to assume you're originally from Florida? Or do you just like making Florida postcards? LOL!

SueLovesCherries said...

Oops! Yes, I'm still in!

Unknown said...

I'm actually cutting right now. Your right, seventeen is to many. Being my first swap this has been SCARY!! But fun!:) Mine should go out this weekend...Thanks for letting this amateur have a swing at doing a tag swap!

Betty said...

I just finished up my tags today. I made 18. I don't know why. I guess I was having a "red head" moment. Can we have those? LOL I'm mailing my tags in the morning even though yours are so much cuter than mine!! Have a wonderful weekend E!!

Jane said...

*grin* I love all the wisdom you gained! And that you are brave enough to share it. Your tags turned out wonderfully!

Angela said...

I wish all your posts were long...I love looking at the things you make!! Those tags are all so clever. My very favorite is the one with the little boy reaching down to the water...maybe because I raised boys, and they always do that!!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

I'm still in!! how many are we supposed to be making now?? I was ready to start assembling mine this weekend but this week I scored a gorgeous vintage postcard from the 1940's from Sharpsburg, MD-where I live that I now want to scan, print and incorporate!!!
I can't WAIT to see what everyone else has done!!

Hearts Turned said...

I'm still in, Elizabeth! Got my ideas all ready....just have to actually make them! (Too many deadlines right now!)

Your postcards are perfection itself, my friend! Love them all so much--mine will all be the same, more or less--hope that's okay!

I really love your "Victorian Renaissance" idea--I agree! I'll be thinking that over and over in my mind on those days when I sit at my table, surrounded by lace, ribbon, vintage buttons, glitter....and think..."What am I doing?!?!?!?!?!"

Thanks for helping me remember exactly why I do what I share ideas and fun and friendship with wonderful women...just like you.

Have a wonderful evening, dear friend!


Cindy said...'m still in!! Just waiting for company to to be over..and this body to stop aching!! lol

Yehaw..Texas will be counted!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Paula Clare said...

Hello dear friend!
I am SO GLAD that your "I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN" was spoken out of panic and was, therefore, not to be taken seriously! YAY!

I am still in...I have the CUTEST pics from around the country (Route 66) with their perspective vintage state's namesake...I have printed several things to put ON the I'm worried I've made them too big...4x6...were those the parameters?

I RRRRRRRRREEALLY hate the question often asked by my scrapbooking buddies..."WEll, what do you DO with them?!?!" Like you, I have ceased with the excuses and just tell them, ANYTHING I WANT! HA!

Mine will be to you within the next week..finishing my tags is part of the weekend self induced crafting coma I plan to lapse into.

Adorable always! You remain the QUEEN OF CUTE!

Home and Heart said...

As darling and clever as always!! I would love to "give it a go" sometime!!

Christine said...

Hi, E...:D Just Now printing my Vintage PostCard Back...looking forward to making these during this "overbooked" holiday weekend...:) since I didn't make my memorial weekend reservations early enough...I guess I will just have to craft throughout the holiday evenings..."D ...I'll make it through some how :D!

Have a Sunshiny Holiday Weekend!

Pieceful Bits said...

I love your response "in your mind".
No one has been brave enough to say anything to my face at least about my crafty collections. That's why it is called a "Craft Studio". Everything stays in there and it is a creative space for you to enjoy and create!!
I cannot wait to see everyone's yours are cute as a button.
Happy Memorial Day,
P.S. I did see " Dear John" and I'm afraid my memory isn't near as sharp as yours. I will have to watch about the moon again.

barncat (Lisa) said...

I too can't wait to see what others in your swap have done, I love yours. I think the old postcards you used are great (I have a few), I'd like to be at those places! I did finally make a tag with your archery girl last night, she's not posted yet, but soon. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

barncat (Lisa) said...

Just got BOTH your button cards done and posted, so fun! Thanks for the images!

NanE said...

Elizabeth, your tags are too darn cute! Every time I see the tag with the girl water skiing, I have to giggle. If you only knew how much it reminds me of my teenage years growing up on a Lake in Ohio and the fun times we had. :)I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day too, Nan

Debbie Doughty said...

I'm so glad you love doing this because I love seeing it online and hope to actually participate someday! As for the "what do you do with them?"
If people need to ask they just don't get it and probably never will. Art is about so many things. The joy of that "Aha!" moment when you first get your idea. The gathering of supplies. The cutting, the gluing, the arranging. The satisfaction when it is finished. The sharing with people who "get it." The joy having pretty things in your home brings. The joy sharing pretty things brings... My standard answer though is this , "it's just for pretty." In my mind, that's enough.

Secondhandrose said...

All the tags are so fun. Tell your relative they are works of art and you do with them what you do with art...enjoy it! Happy Memorial day.


Stevie said...

Yeppers obviously you know I'm still in LOL. They went out yesterday! I hope you like the extra treats! xoxo

Kateyed said...

Someday I will do this but until then I will just love what everyone else does. These are so delightful, Elizabeth!

Unknown said...

Oh' yes I wouldn't want to miss it!

Hugs...Tracy :)

vivian said...

OMG E.. all of your tags are soooo awesome. I wish I had been able to do your swap. I'm going to be kicking myself when I see the rest too. ( I already am, just seeing yours!) but I really just couldnt do it this time.. . My mind was on creative tilt...
sometimes hosting swaps is a little stressful too isnt it? Just trying to keep track of everyone when everyone is so bus. In the end its most always worth it!
have a great holiday weekend!

Cindy Peterson said...

Where did you download those adorable valentines from? The children are just SO cute. I've looked on Flickr but having found anything I like nearly as well.

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

These are so pretty. I can see why you collect tags. I love the artwork you used too. Very inspiring to look at. And you're right. It's fun to do things like this for the pure reason of just having fun!


Unknown said...

Myrtle Point, All of the images I have used can be found by typing in the Search field, Vintage Valentines. You are just not recognizing the ones I have used because I have cut away most of the images. I hope this helps! Elizabeth

NanE said...

LOOKEE at this project I stumbled upon! Thought of you immediately!