Tuesday, February 2, 2010

George Washington Penny Rug

I love the month of February. Growing up just a stone's trow away from Mt. Vernon; and our dear family friends actually residing in Fort Washington, I have always loved George Washington's birthday, February 22nd.
Endless summer days spent gazing across the Potomac River from the embankments of the fort, I would picture lawn parties under the massive willows and women eating tiny cucumber sandwiches. My mother held her art shows on the covered flagstone porch of the fort's main dwelling.

So powerful was hearing the tale of George as a child cutting down his father's cherry tree, that I decided on the spot never to lie. A prized possession is my little hatchet cookie cutter.

The step I enjoy most in making penny rugs is ironing them. Watching the pieces "felt" together is magical!

Penny Rug made for George Washington's birthday, it seems only right that Chocolate Cherry Cookies be served!

Chocolate Cherry Cookies
Beat: 3 sticks butter, micro 30 sec, 2 eggs, 1 1/2c brown sugar, 1c white sugar, 1T vanilla, 1c cake flour, 1/2t baking soda, 1/2t baking powder.
Add: 3c regular flour
Stir in by hand: 12oz chocolate chips, 1c chopped pecans, 8oz whole dried cherries,
Dip: 1/4c measuring cup in water, sugar, dough
Bake: Air bake sheet, 375* 17 min. ONLY, remove immediately to cool on flat surface

I do wish you a wonderful George Washington's Birthday!


Rustique Gal said...

Hello, I just found you, and love your blog-the vintage images, the valentines and Betsy McCalls! You bring my childhood to life. I'm signing up! Hugs! Sherry

barncat (Lisa) said...

Adorable bluebirds!

Living in central Illinois, George Washington gets a little overshadowed by all our Abraham Lincoln attractions!

Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth. Everything you touch turns magical. I love this. The George Washington story made quite an impression with me to as a child. I have never forgotten it. We could have been in the same class, so many of my memories match up to yours. Love your cookie cute.

Hugs...Tracy :)

annemarie said...

I love your penny rug and your hatchet cookiet cutter is definitely a prize possession - have never seen one.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Happy Groundhog Day to you too! I didn't hear...a longer Winter?

Mom Wald said...

Your birdies are so sweet!

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Elizabeth...I can never keep up with you! You are always running far ahead. Another magical penny rug creation from your hands...it is already adorable! I love the hatchet cookie cutter too. Happy Groundhog Day...I think it's gotten out of hand. You could sign up for Phil to text you and tell you if he saw his shadow! What next?xoxo

Unknown said...

I was so busy with my Queens in Training give away in Feb. I didn't get over here much to visit but tonight I rolled way back and read and read your blog. To me, you are so amazing at what you create and the Valentiens you have keep all of us happy as a lark with all this eye candy. I loved the doll house show and tell...I could hardly breathe reading and seeing it all. I wanted to climb into the computer and play. Starting my second give away tomorrow called The Enchanted Playhouse. Come on over and play if you have the time! Hugs from the girl with the curl~

vivian said...

ground hog day? really?? you silly girl you! I Love that penny rug! by the way.. where on earth do you get the time to make alll this stuff?? dont you work? YOu amaze me!

Hearts Turned said...

So much fun & beauty here! Love your new penny rug--I've always loved George Washington, too--how fortunate to live near his beautiful home!

★Carol★ said...

Love your penny rug, but like barncat said, it's all about Lincoln here!

Paula Clare said...

Oh E! You've done it again! Can someone who's been declared "The Queen of Cute" be bestowed an even greater honor? Hmmmm...I wonder.

Anyway, if it's possible, I HEREBY BESTOW upon you, Elizabeth the crown of Holiday Happiness! The little bluebirds and cherries are TOO fab! I must have one for my red and aqua, cherry laden kitchen!


SueLovesCherries said...

What a delightful tale, thanks for sharing!

LBP said...

Your posts are always so inspiring! I wish you lived next door!

Love the penny rug, thanks for the pattern, I'm heading out to get materials today at lunch!



Sherry said...

I found your blog through Twyla and Lindseys and I'm so glad I did! Your blog makes me smile!

Nice to meet you!

ImagiMeri said...

Elizabeth, it's just darling. I've never seen the hatchet cookie cutter before......how fortunate you are to be near such history and experience it all first hand.


Suz said...

I wonderful piece of felt (penny rug) and I love those valentines...my the colors...just wonderful!!!

Mrs Twins said...

Great Penny Rug Elizabeth,
Great Post.
Hugs and lOve Suex

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the bird pattern. Do you have a spot where we can get your archived patterns? Thank you for a creative inspiring blog!

Celestial Charms said...

Love the vintage axe cookie cutter. So cute, as well as the little girl valentine.

Nan said...

Elizabeth I have a question please. This felt you use for your projects is it wool? Where do you buy it? Probably in a local shop I would guess. Here in Alaska I have to mail order all my supplies like that but I'm curious about yours and what kind of felt it is. Nan

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Is your middle name dynamo? :)
Oh! Your penny rug is charming, so darling. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Hope you're having a very happy crafty Wednesday!