Friday, June 26, 2009

River Heights, USA

When I first explored the streets of my town from my little blue roadster, I was struck by a comfortable familiarity. "A sleepy tree-lined Midwestern suburbia formed by the winding bends of a river." Oh my gosh, Delaware could be the inspiration for River Heights, USA. "Home to famous mystery case attorney, Carson Drew and his daughter Nancy."

A town filled with bungalows and unsavory ruffians casing them for hidden treasure. Check, we've got those

Old attics hidden behind secret staircases? You bet!

Larkspur Lane? Well, I haven't found it yet; but in my trusty blue roadster, I'll be on this case until solved! Nancy Drew was the heroine of my childhood. Plucky and independent. A car of her own and a fantastic wardrobe. My willful streak I owe to Nancy Drew!

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Merci-Notes said...

how lucky for you! I would have LOVED living there while reading about Nancy's marvelous adventures! Was her boyfriends name Ken??? That made it fun also.

Too bad today's kids do not get "lost" in a good mystery book like these and the Hardy boys.

Did you ever read books about a girl named,,,mm Betsy I think???


Jocelyn said...

My boys consumed the Hardy Boys books. I am still on the look out for editions that are missing from our ever growing collection.

annemarie said...

These were three of my favorite Nancy Drew books - actually they all were my favorites!!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Nancy was my hero, too. Many a summer day was spent in the back yard under the huge maple tree devouring Nancy Drew books. When my own daughter was old enough I bought her the first 3 in the series....and she hated them. I was crushed! I also loved Cherry Ames, Student Nurse. The houses in your town are lovely by the way. I could move right in to any you've ever shown!

RaggedyKisses said...

I loved Nancy Drew, I read every book at least twice!! I still love a good mystery! Thankyou for bringing back some fun chilhood memories!! Thank you Elizabeth!!!

Unknown said...

Nancy Drew books were the first that made me realize I could simply turn a page, and be transported into another world. I loved reading each one from my grandparent's summer porch. Thank You for such a warm memory.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I loved reading Nancy Drew. This would be a good day to settle back with one and enjoy an adventure! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Tammyca said...

Your town does have a storybook look...lovely. There are no houses like that where I live. I just last week pulled out one of my Nancy Drew books to read. They bring me back to my childhood in the Midwest - reading them at my friend's house in her cozy attic bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful neighborhood, beautiful photos. And we actually have a friend who lives on Larkspur Lane- funny!

Julia said...

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