Friday, January 4, 2013

Time for School

The first Day of School found my little brother John dressed in his best plaid jacket, a bow tie askance at his collar, a hastily placed name tag dangling from red yarn about his neck, Mrs. Goodwin his teacher for First Grade. Brown hair and big brown eyes, dimples made all the more deep from his ever present smile.

It wouldn't be many weeks later that a note would go home with John. The presence of my parents requested, Mr. and Mrs. both.

My father was not someone to be called from his day of work, he looked at Mrs. Goodwin quizzically as she spread before him my brothers art. "You're son is deeply disturbed!" As proof she offered examples of the art of John's classmates. Houses and sunshine, flowers, Mom and Dad, all painted simply, blue skies and rainbows. Across John's newsprint spread dinosaurs and erupting volcanoes, the sky vivid shades of red and purple, not a rainbow in sight.

My father unfolded his frame from the little people chair and gathered my mother to go. He didn't bother to explain to Mrs. Goodwin that John loved to draw from his mother's art books, he simply looked down at her from his towering height and said in his deepest voice, "You Madame, wouldn't know art if it bit you!"

 Imagine Mrs. Goodwin's surprise when her student teacher for the year more than a dozen years later should be none other than John, his dimples still in place!

I absolutely have to giggle at my Cute as Can Be little alarm clock. Could I possibly have glued another thing on it! I love it, and I love my brother John!


ImagiMeri said...

Super sweet story girlfriend. I'm going to be pretty busy for next few months as I'm attending ArtZona which is a 3 day event for ATC crafters, then on the 1st and 2nd of February I'm teaching a class at a local scrapbook store, then trying to organize another spring workshop and an estate sale of my mom's stuff.

I'll try to fit another call or two in to check in on you, but please feel free to call me, too.

Love ya'

Sonia Tatum said...

Such beautiful art and wonderful make me smile! Thank you.

Unknown said...

I can see why you love your brother so! Sounds like a sweet young man and a wonderful adult! Love your clock!!


E said...

Heart warming story E ... does your brother know he also has a little fan club here in blogland :) E

Musings from Kim K. said...

A perfect way to end my day at work Elizabeth. The stories of your brother are always delightful.

vivian said...

oh E... I love your brother stories. and "way to go" to your father!

Unknown said...

STudent's revenge is often the best ;) What a great story. Seems like a lot of teachers who criticize students end up being an inspiration in the end. great Story!

the vanilla squirrel said...

...I think it's often true of students who are 'creative'..........I was told to take exams and get a 'proper' job.......but ignored this advice and became a professional singer!.........hurrah for following your heart,passion and talents! Lovely post and cute pics as always x

Holly said...

I love this post! Such fun memories. The little boy holding the "Love" valentine is the cutest. And I love the Valentine clock. What fun!
Thank you for all of your wonderful tutorials, Holly

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh this is one of your best stories! I love it! It surprised me. I can just see your dad standing up... YES! I have always let my students draw or doodle, and now that I teach kindergarten - I do my best to TEACH them to draw! LOL! My brother was an artist, too. And, our son. My son won a local prize of $1000 for his weird doodling art when he was in high school - and it's still on display at the Palm Springs Art Museum. I'm sure some people think it's not art. Oh, E - I have my own art stories - but, I'll have to write my own blog about that!

A Little Creation said...

As a preschool teacher I try every day to work with the students without biases, or to at least stop myself when I am. One of my favorite sayings, especially to parents of boys is "Pink is a color, not a life choice".
You and your brother where lucky to have such understanding parents. As a parent it is hard to stop yourself from correcting your child and let them own their art.
Chris =]

Laura said...

I love your stories....and your alarm clock is adorable!

Celestial Charms said...

Such a sweet alarm clock, and of course the story of your artful brother!

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

:) Love this story! And of course...such adorable little goodies to accompany it!