Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mitten Garland

I could not live in a more perfect state for me than Ohio as I am someone who loves weather. Living in the Heart of Ohio, the weather can change drastically in a single day. In a single hour. Warm and 70 degrees one minute, 32 degrees and snowing the next. A garland of mittens tutorial and Giveaway is just right for today!

GOLDEN RULE - I love the paper packs and embellishments from K and Co. as carried by Michaels. They are all 40% off this week. Don't be overwhelmed by the array of patterns, they are all designed to go together. Instead think DARK, MEDIUM, and LIGHT. Each mitten will repeat this Golden Rule.

ONE VINTAGE FEATURE - added to each mitten will make modern papers take on a nostalgic feel. TIP: Look for plastic candle wreaths at your local Goodwill. Nothing says vintage like plastic! (Cardboard is "sandwiched" between front and back printed papers.)

TELL A STORY -  My mittens recall for me my first married Christmas. A corsage from my husband for my winter coat, greetings at my new In-laws doorstep, decorating our very first tree and the joy of a holiday now shared by two.

CREATE FOCAL POINTS - The eye will be drawn to embellishments or images that are clustered together. Here the pink rosette and leaf stems are my main focal point.
ANCHOR YOUR EMBELLISHMENTS Please never let them float! Notice how the lower leaf stem is anchored by the focal point rosette but leads your eye to another area of interest. The little blue flower is anchored to the greeting, the red flower "waterfalls". Had I placed them in the printed area to the left they would "float" and have no meaning.

REPEAT - Dark mitten cuff, Medium image and birds, Light mitten. Focal Point doorway, right bird Anchored to branch, greeting Waterfalling. I love this mitten!

CREATE MOVEMENT WITH DIRECTION - With each mitten I have positioned embellishments that lead the eye both upwards and downwards. This makes your paper art lively.

CREATE MOVEMENT WITH COLOR - Your eye will move from dark to light. By positioning my mittens Dark, Medium, Light, Medium, Dark, the eye will swing back and forth between the dark anchoring mittens.

With one paper pack and two embellishment packages, you can create this nostalgic garland..

Chain (Ch) 32 stitches.
Leaf: Ch 8, Single Crochet (SC) in stitch next to hook. Half Double Crochet (HDC-Yarn Over, insert hook in stitch, pull yarn through all three loops on hook.) in next stitch, Double Crochet (DC) in next stitch, Triple Crochet in next stitch, DC in next stitch, HDC in next stitch, Slip Stitch (SlpS) in next stitch. Leaf made.
*Chain 16,  pull loop of yarn through hole in mitten Chain 16, Make Leaf*
Repeat between *'s until last mitten has been attached.Chain 16, make last leaf
Chain 32 stitches, cut yarn and pull through bottom of last leaf to create hanger. Cut yarn. Repeat at beginning of garland.

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Tammy's in Love said...

yea, thanks for the super easy tutorial! Two posts in one day, gold star for you!

The Mitten Wearing Minnesotan

Unknown said...

I love your Beautiful mittens. I would be honored you win! Xxoo valarie

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I love your Beautiful mittens. I would be honored you win! Xxoo valarie

Anonymous said...

Instead of being a horse whisperer you are a paper and yarn whisper- you bring out the very best in whatever you touch! Thank you for the sweet mitten pattern!

bee blessed

vintage grey said...

A wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and creative tips!! So inspiring! I would love a chance to win!! ;) xo Heather

Scrap for Joy said...

To win your mitten garland would be beyond my dreams but I'm excited that you have shared the template and directions (your theory lessons are wonderful!)

vivian said...

thanks for sharing your tutorial for making such a perfect mitten garland. I love those papers too. I'm waiting for my scrap book store to get in the new oct afternoon christmas line.. they probably have it by now, they didnt 2 weeks ago... maybe I'll be taking a trip there this weekend!
have a great day Elizabeth

Lynn said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful tutorial on your mittens. You have a true gift for what you make, Elizabeth - thank you!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I shared this with my mom earlier and we both agree that we need to attempt to make a few of our own mittens. Don't include me in your give-away. You have always been so generous with me and my girls, Elizabeth. Your tutorials are always appreciated.

Christmas hugs!

kimber said...

Another wonderful tutorial!! I am going to try my hand at this one for sure! xoxo~kimber

Perfectly Printed said...

Theank you for sharing your mitten pattern AND yor tips for creating beautiful crafts!


Kerry said...

Once again another beautiful papercraft you've created Elizabeth :-)
Thank you for the pattern and tips.
I would love a chance to win.
Take Care

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

How cute! I would love a chance to win...

Amy Jo

craftyles said...

Your tips and hints are so useful to me. I always stare at the paper and am not sure what to do. I will be following your rules as I make a recipe book with vintage recipe cards. Cute mitten garland!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial and wonderful tips! I love these mittens, would love a chance to win! And I hear you on the weather, I'm from Indiana and ours is the same, warm out and then the next minute could be cold with a storm! xo Holly

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would love to have this as inspiration! And I appreciate your wonderful tips this morning. I have so much to learn! Hugs!

editor said...

I haven't done any crafting since last Christmas. My mind has been empty of desire and ideas. I think this project may get me going again. I have some pretty paper from last year that I can see as a sweet mitten garland. Thanks for getting my mind going again. I am always happiest when I have a project going.


RetroSandie said...

Thanks for the tute E!!!! But you know, of course, I would LOVE to win yours!!! I would hang it right across my window in front of my craft/computer desk!!!

Hugs, Sandie


kathy said...

I find peace and inspiration from your blog. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial for the mitten garland. I look forward to making a garland for myself. Winning yours would be out of this world. Have a Great Thanksgiving.

LBP said...

Your mittens are so cute! I try to keep your tips in mindf as I do my own paper crafting. I have already won one of your fantastic give-a-ways so leave me out of this one and let someone else have a piece of your glorious art!


E said...

I love the mittens, thanks for the tutorial and teaching suggestions for embellishments ... I fear I may have left mine "floating" on occassion :)

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Weather scares the patootie out of this native Angeleno! ;)

whisper whisper I secretly long for a White Christmas and other days when we can actually light the fireplace! and of course the brilliant colors of Fall would make my heart sing.

Thanks so much for sharing your darling mittens and your process with us, Elizabeth.

Sally, dreaming of a day she can wear her bright red knitted mittens!

Holly said...

Are these mittens not the most adorable thing!?! I love them. This would be a fun project to do over Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for the tutorial and Happy Thanksgiving! Holly

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tut...your inst are so easy to understand. Crochet inst too!....Elizabeth is there any craft you can't do?

PS I'm so happy with my new babies you made As much as i love them i want to share the wealth so don't add me to the give away

Wheaterz said...

I really love your scenery spools!
They are so creative and sooooo vintage.
I would very much like to create some of these for myself and my little boy. Some of the little trinkets, like the deer and plastic trees look vintage. Could you tell me where you get those cute little things even if they are not vintage.
You are very talented and inspiring! Thank you for any help you could give!

Wheaterz said...

Per my last post, and since I'm new to blogging, my email is
cpribd31@verizon.net. Thanks!!!