Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gourdeously Green

It must have been, when my parents built our new home at the top of our hilly neighborhood, that the woman of the house was asked to choose between three colors for the interior of her home. Tan, blue, or green. My mother obviously chose green, because every single room of our new home was one value or another of the verdant shade.

But it wasn't just the walls and appliances that were green; so too were the carpets, the draperies, the bedspreads and the furniture slip covers. Everything was green! This was the setting I invited my handsome boyfriend into for the first time, wearing, of course, his green Airman's fatigues!

Sitting nearly camouflaged on the living room couch, my father posed a question to the face that had just separated from mine, "Patrick, do you have a stocking knit cap?" My spine stiffened. A brilliant professor by day, one lacking common sense by evening, I knew in my heart this query could only lead to an embarrassing outcome. "No, Mr. Keily I don't have a hat. Why do you need one?"

My father grumbled, "Elizabeth's mother keeps this house too cold. I don't want a draft to touch my head, I think I'm catching a cold."  As I prayed to disappear, my father did just that. We could hear him rummaging in the kitchen and then his heavy foot falls on the plush green pile that led to his bedroom.

All was blessedly, quietly normal until my Airman suggested we check on my father's well being. My tip toes followed his to my father's bedroom and peeked over his shoulder to see what he was already seeing. I gasped to see not my father's expected head upon his pillow, but a BROWN PAPER BAG! As the shape rose upon it's elbows, I quickly slammed shut the bedroom door as my father's voice came to me from a single slit cut for air, "What's wrong Lizzy?" 

On the day I would marry my Airman, my father drew me close and asked me, "Are you sure you want to marry this boy?" I thought to myself about the distance a lifetime of embarrassing situations had caused between us and how my Airman in green taught me to be proud and to love my father again because he did. I shyly put my arms around my father's waist and answered into his chest, "Yes Dad, I love him."

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kimber said...

What a wonderful story of the men in your life! Thank you for sharing...this is why I check in every day!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful story!! My father often seemed oblivious to the fact he was embarassing me, but....sometimes I wondered if it wasn't for the response or look he got from me. Your father sounds like a very special man!! I miss mine every day!!


Unknown said...

So poignant E.....Your husband is no doubt the man God made just for you....:)

Teresa said...

So sweet! Love that you have such affection for your dad & husband. Your green felt gourds & pompoms are super cute! Hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday, Elizabeth!

RetroSandie said...

Such a neat story!! And I LOVE your little green guys and pom pom birdies. Sooo cute. I like green a lot, too, although I've been in a pink mode now for quite a while. But see, green goes with everything!!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a sweet can always make your stories come alive! Hugs!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...
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Celestial Charms said...

Such a tender remembrance. Hmmmm, green everything - what memories must come flooding back upon seeing anything with a green decor. Your green creations are adorable.

Holly said...

What a wonderful story! Don't you wish that you could watch these memories like a movie? My dad was Army Reserves before retirement several years ago. He loved to clean his guns while my date waited in the living room for me to finish getting ready. Of course this scared a lot of potentials off, except one. He became my husband. Dad always knew how to horrify/embarrass me but he never did wear a paper bag :) Dads! You just gotta love 'em! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet memories of your precious dad! Have a great night! Holly

Musings from Kim K. said...

A precious story. You always keep me coming back for more.

vivian said...

lol.. our dining room was bright orange with green carpeting and in our living room everything was powder blue... everything. and our kitchen was the ugliest room in the house! I dont remember what color!
Your parents sound very interesting E. They certainly have given you a lot of good blogging material!

A Little Creation said...

Fathers!! You gotta love them! =]How long was your husband in the Air Force?

Tammy's in Love said...

Hilarious E! My Mom had the beautiful 'avocado green' too but not in EVERY ROOM! The story of your dad reminds me of the prank call, "Do you have pop in a bottle?"
You had 'pop in a bag' instead! Great story!

Jenny's Heart said...

I love the stories you tell!
They bring your family to life.
I think it is in every father's dna to embarrass their daughters...teehee.
X's & O's
ps I am working on the shadow boxes :)

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Your story brought to mind this:
My twin sister and I on our way to OUR 9th birthday party, to be held at Chucky Cheese. Our dad is driving the station wagon, which is packed with 9 year old girls. And the whole way there he's giving them all a lesson on "real music"...Blasting The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc! And he's strumming his fingers like he's playing a guitar, and shouting at my friends to "pay attention"...because this is what real music is!
We were NINE!! All we cared about was New Kids On The Block!
I wanted to open the door of the moving car and toss myself out!
I love the story about your dad. It made me realize that we all have them...those funny memories!
Bless our Dads :)
p.s adorable green creatures!

LBP said...

Love your stories, I could sit and listen all day! My mother went through the "green" phase. Avocado green that is! The living room and down the hall of our little, ranch house was green carpet with a darker green couch and chairs, green and gold lamps, and gold drapery. Of course the required Home Interior wall sconces were behind the couch with their green glass votives. I thought it was the most beautiful room ever! Thanks for the memories!



Hearts Turned said...

So sweet, your stories--and your gourdeous creations!

Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Oh that made me laugh! Sometimes we need another's perspective to restore our own vision.

Did you know that the younger women are embracing avacado green again? I'll pass. I had my fill! ♥

Ina said...

Well, at least your dad was resouceful! ;p What a good egg you married! :)

craftyles said...

Sweet, sweet story! Your little green pompoms are so cute. Glad you got that Airman after all.

Pieceful Bits said...

Sweet Story <3 I love the shade of greens you picked for your cute as can be birds!! (~~) Julie

A Bee In My Bonnet - Leslie Anne said...

Elizabeth, I love your tales from your childhood and young adulthood! You always draw me into them and I feel like I was there! Your gourds and witchy pompom birds are delightful as ever!

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