Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lawn Couples

Saturday's are the day my husband and I spend out of doors working in our yard. I love to think that passersby who have seen us over the years have come to expect if they see one of us they will see the other.

There is a camaraderie among Lawn Couples in our neighborhood, and it is not unexpected to stop curbside to chat about the amount of watering that was needed over the summer in relationship to the amount of rain that fell. We might not know anything else about the couple, but still we look forward to their friendly waves of greeting when seen together in their yard.

So please, if you should be anywhere near Delaware in the Heart of Ohio, and see an older couple happily working in their lawn side by side, do stop and say "Hello!" We will be so glad to say "Hello!" as well.

PATTERN NOTE: 4th of July Miss Liberty pattern to make clown.body and head here. Features can be easily cut free handed.


patchworkandlace said...

Lovely pictures ,always been a bit scared of clowns though ,not sure why but yours is quite cute x

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

so precious!!! i have to agree with patchwork -- always been a little afraid of clowns -- i think because they made me sad in many ways but yours...they make me HAPPY!!!! that is a good thing on a Sunday morning!
hugs...andrea -- family and doxies (heaven and earth)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love those paperdoll clothes framed, Elizabeth! Love your clown and that Fisher Price set looks familiar. I'm sure my brother or I must have had that when we were little ones.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I always look forward to your wonderful stories sprinkled in with your creations.

kimber said...

Happy Sunday! I find that I lose myself in your blog! Your tales are mesmerizing! Lawn couple Saturdays and pj dates with a Happy Clown...sigh!

Debby said...

There is the clown. Oh, I love him. Love the FP circus set. Just my kind of post.
So watcha doing in my neck of the woods?

Lynn said...

Good Afternoon,
The clown is cute and I too am afraid of clowns, but your clown looks so sweet and cute, I don't think I will be afraid of him. I enjoyed taking a peek over your right shoulder. Hope you and your hubby have a great date night.
Have a wonderful week!

Ina said...

I LOVE the clown! So cute! Elizabeth, if Monday is your date night, record The Sing-Off! You won't be disappointed! Amazing talent. ;0

Thanks for the peek into your craft room.

Joanne said...

I love to hear about a great relationship such as yours. God bless you two!
Blessings, Joanne

Celestial Charms said...

OMG Elizabeth,
My brother and I had this exact circus set when we were very young! It was my favorite thing to play with for years. It was the best set of toys a child could have, as I spent countless hours lost in amusement. The dog and the monkey were my favorites, as I used to love to let the monkey swing on the trapeze. I can still remember how smooth their white plastic legs were. I can sense it with my imagination right now! Yes, now I too, see where your artistic influences are based! ;)
Thanks for sharing those magical pieces.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh you must husband and I have a date night for amazing that show. What an amazing toy set. I completely forgot about. Please tell me you have that in your home. I would be on the hunt for each little piece if it were the last thing I did...enjoy your weekend..smiles...Renee

Carolyn said...

Sweet clown, not scary at all. That is very hard to pull off in my view. I think a lot of people started to be afraid of clowns when they started to use them in scary movies.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yeah! The clown! He is so super duper cute! I adore his blue and white stripes!
As always, your felt work is beautiful!
Hope you had a lovely weekend, Lindsey

Judi said...

My little sister had that circus set. I'm so glad someone still has it. I've not seen it in years. I so remember one night she had to go potty, guess what she thought the toilet was? Yep the poor train. Oh childhood memories. I wish I could find one to buy for my grandsons, they would love it. Thanks for the post. Judi in Wahoo

ImagiMeri said...

Oh E, is it possible for me to buy the clown? You know I collect circus stuff and a clown from you would just be the cherry on top.


CLD said...

Just darling as always. Your circus creations are just precious! And we also are lawn people. Loved your great! Bobbie

Patty McAnally said...

Just found your blog, and your work is AMAZING! Do you ever sell any of your items? Thanks for sharing your talent :-)

Patty McAnally