Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Search of Elves!

It seems I will be babysitting the puppies here at my own home while TSG and Joe are on their Honeymoon to make things easier on myself. I am so grateful for this as I tend to cause mischief at their place when left to my own devices. Better put, I clean!

Joe purchased his home from an older couple who left many of their belongings right where they had been for decades. Joe is a procrastinator. The older couple's items have now been right where they have lain for decades plus the three years he has lived there. (Knock Knocking)

On my first baby sitting assignment, I reorganized Joe's entire kitchen. Who keeps spices in the cupboard by the refridgerator and paper towels above the oven? Apparently the Lady of the House who no longer lives here. Joe has only now found where I relegated his water bottles.

This past baby sitting assignment, Joe again out of town, I didn't even make it through the garage entrance door. I don't know what came over me as I gazed at a garage that hadn't seen a broom since the 1960's plus three years. (Full of Bliss)

Oh my gosh did I ever sweat bullets worrying what Joe would think of his soon to be mother-in-law wading through years of dirt and grime that wasn't mine to wade through. I could barely look him in the eye at our going away dinner.

Wouldn't you just know my husband would lean across me to say to Joe, "So Joe, what do you think about your garage?"

I have learned my lesson, I tell you I have! I will be spending my babysitting time this go around making cute as can be Elf ornaments on mushrooms and reindeer and wreathes and anything else that will expend my endless supply of energy. If there is any reporting of suspicious cleaning going on, I will say, "Search for Elves!"

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Lynn said...

I would love to come home to a cleaned and organize home:O) I love your elves!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha! I'm glad I'm not alone, Elizabeth! One of the first few times I babysat my granddaughter at my daughter and son-in-laws apartment, I had to clean up the kitchen in their apartment. Horrible! Dishes galore in the sink. I wiped it down, washed everything, even bringing my dishwashing gloves because my hands get all red and irritated! Yes, I planned it in advance. I don't think they were unhappy but I don't think they were happy either. I didn't do it again though! : ) I had hoped the one would think the other had done it and just leave it at that. Apparently, they know each other too well and it took them some time to figure out it was me.

Love the outfit your elf is wearing! I can't even imagine making stitches that are recognizable that small!

Scrap for Joy said...

You're welcome to come to my place any time *wink* *wink*.
Love your little elf...and her shoes!!!!

Unknown said...

I used to do the same thing at my sisters house everytime I visited. Luckily she never took it personal and knew I got it form our mom and I just couldn't help myself. Congratulations to the kids.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Your elves are just adorable!

Mary said...

Love your little elves Elizabeth. I am a housecleaning fairy when I go to darling daughter and son-in-law's when they aren't home. But....they love it. Son-in-law can take one look at the kitchen and know his MIL has been there. Hubby and I will be going over to feed the kitties and dog over the long weekend. They are outside pets. The housecleaning fairy will be busy I am sure. Darling daughter did not take after me in housecleaning and that is all I'm saying..... ;-)

Ina said...

I love the tall elf...he's so cute.

I can't believe Joe's been living there with other people's 'stuff' all around him. I just wouldn't feel comfortable.

Joe & TSG know how you are. If they don't want things reorganized then they should get another babysitter. ;0

Musings from Kim K. said...

I would TOTALLY love someone to organize and clean my house while I was away! Your elves are absolutely adorable. I have a thing for toadstools too. Your wreath is just gorgeous. Have a wonderful time crafting and grand-dog sitting.

My Vintage Studio said...

Great post. I would rather create than clean any day! Wishing you a wonderful Friday.

annemarie said...

Love the elves - I have to admit I am a cleaning fairy also. I am more comfortable being one at my daughter's home rather than my daughter-in-law! My daughter actually loves it - she is not the neat freak that I am.

My Vintage Mending said...

Another thing we share too much...I laughed my way through this best friend knows to just let me do it when I go over to her house. Her husband is not as welcoming. I have moved his stuff one too many times. It is such a calming feeling to get the clutter under control...Love those dear elves although I hope you put them high on the shelf away from the big white puppy! Smiles...Renee

Hearts Turned said...

What adorable little elves, Elizabeth! No harm in a little cleaning, is there?! I'm sure they're thrilled with all the help!

Hope you're having a lovely day, my friend...


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love cute elves and pixies! Sounds like they've been busy! ♥

manda said...

Thanks for coming and visiting me the other day E! I thought you had stopped blogging and am so glad to find I was wrong!
Want to come and visit me? You can clean all you want!!! With 6 cats, 6 lizards, and endless other animals coming in and out of my life, I find it very hard to get any cleaning done! But I manage to keep everything at least looking clean, if not a bit (or a lot) cluttered!
I love that wreath with the deer on it, where did you find that?
I think I would love to see some reindeer made in your special way. And those mushrooms in the pot, oh my!
Big hugs!!! Expect to see me here more often again!

Ina said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us. I just love it! How lucky for this young lady to have such an awesome friend in you. ;0

Not everyone can do it. THank goodness there are people who can do it and be a good friend to boot.

Have a safe weekend!