Saturday, August 20, 2011

Forever Young

By now you know my brother is quite the character. It is why so many of my cute as can be creations are of the male persuasion and why some of them have black hair. My brother has an abundance of black hair.

His vacation in Cape Cod at an end on Sunday, his first day of school begun on Monday. I asked didn't he need time to make bulletin boards in his classroom. His story to tell was classic, "My Brother".

Mrs. Smith corners my brother every year at the end of the school session to remind him to remove his bulletin boards so the room can be painted.
"Mrs. Smith", my brother begins his yearly diatribe, "I use the same bulletin boards every year. I have much better things to do with my time than take them down only to put them back up again. I cover them with brown paper, and remove it the day class begins again."
To which Mrs. Smith harrumphs and toddles off to find teachers fearful of her imagined superiority.

And so on the day he should have been stapling his always familiar music charts, he was instead walking hand in hand with his long time girlfriend Ann and her little seven year old boy down the furthermost beach of Cape Cod to view the evening's sunset.

Far in the distance Ann's young son spotted a man walking alone on the beach in what seemed to him to be his birthday suit.
"No Branch, the man just has on a white bathing suit." My brother offered.
(Sue Loves Cherries made this wonderful postcard for me!)

Well, That's all it took for Branch to run and see for himself. Catching the man completely by surprise, Branch stopped steps ahead of the man and turned to yell back at my brother and his mom. "He's naked! I told you he was naked!" The man "covered" himself and beat a hasty retreat into the dune grasses.

Unbeknown to the vacationing trio, they had wandered onto a nudist beach! John is ready for another vacation, his bulletin boards are as well!


Mary said...

Hello Elizabeth. Loved the story about your brother. You are a wonderful storyteller.
Your explaining that it takes a day to make your adorable felt creations gave me such a boost. I sometimes feel like I am incredibly s-l-o-w and maybe things are not worth the time but they certainly are if they give us and/or others enjoyment. I know everyone dearly loves your precious creations but I think they will appreciate them even more knowing the time that goes into making them. Happy sewing...and one of these days, I would love to have one of your felt hearts to enjoy in my home.

Debby said...

How cute is your sailor guy. What a funny story. It reminded me of something thast happened to us in
Arizona about 15 years ago. We were at the zoo. My husband wore this "nude" colored shirt. I hated the shirt as it was skin tight. A little boy was approaching us and he said, "Look Mommy a naked man." I laughed til I cried. My husband, not so much. He did get rid of the shirt.

Teresa said...

How cute! What a funny story too. I love all of your beautiful creations. It's always been a dream to visit Cape Cod. Thank you for all the Cape stories & cute felt creations! I'd love to buy one of your crafts. Please let me know if I should ever be so lucky to make the list. Have a great weekend & please more stories from the Cape! Teresa W. in Georgia

dinah spell said...

Elizabeth. I had made a special request for one of your pom poms. I am not sure if you consider those felt creations or not. I made it one past the cut off so you may not get to me anyways. If you do get to me and aren't doing pom poms then please let me know. I could definitly pick something else out. Thanks Jenn Bontrager

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha! I guess he won't be forgetting that vacation anytime soon, Elizabeth! Have fun helping your daughter choose colors and decorate. You know you can always shoot me an email if you want any assistance!

Anonymous said...

As a former teacher, I LOVED the part about how your brother covers his bulletin boards with brown paper, then removes it before school starts....revealing his already done design beneath! Very smart. Yes, in every school I've worked, "they" want those bulletin boards removed before summer break. :)

It seems you will be working your little fingers fast and furiously while TSG is honeymooning! How loved you and your creations are!

Happy Sunday. dana

Pieceful Bits said...

Too Funny!! Kid's say the darndest things. Your faces on your felt creations are always so darling.

Joanne said...

You brother sounds like he has
adventures every day!!! how fun! He must be so great to hang out with. Great post I enjoyed it very much!
Blessings, Joanne

AquaMarine Queen said...

Elizabeth, I adore the Cape Cod inspired group. It could be because I collect sailors and mermaids and live close to the Cape, but it's my personal favorite from all you've done. And that beach ... yes, he was at the far reach of the Cape - unforgettable sunrises out there. Very funny story! You should visit one day :) Lisa

Ina said...

Classic story: I TOLD you he was naked!! ;0 Elizabeth, I did realize I could pick any of your lovely creations. I fell for the moon! So, I would like to stick with him. ;0

Thank you for the wonderful story.

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