Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ahoy There Banner

Have you ever caught yourself while in the dentist's office looking over the shoulder of a little one sitting in the chair next to you busily lost in concentration, their Highlights turned to "Can you spot what's different?"

I love that game, but not in my real life. I like things to always be the same. I guess this comes from having a father who only let my mother purchase a household full of very fine furniture once expecting it to last a lifetime.

My brother and I both can describe in the smallest of detail every last item contained within the rooms of our childhood. There is a comfort we share in the familiar I believe because we lost our parents at such young ages.

This is always why a visit to my blog finds the same header and background month after month, year after year. But Ahoy There just a minute. New papers from October Afternoon begged a banner to be made, and the thought occurred to me that perhaps I could keep my craft room cupboard header but change the banner for different seasons.

I absolutely love red, white, and blue especially when combined with the theme of sailors.

Yes! This is an idea that must be.

And so for today from a life that has at least added one change, I wish you a wonderful week ahead; and I will be seeing you soon!


Cheryl said...

Two have swimmers and two have sailors :-) All four are cute as a button!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

The "C" pennant in your post is missing the parrot and blue circle; both are there in the header!

Kerry said...

Ahh ... I love those puzzles. My children can sometimes be found doing them, when they come across them in a magazine.
The differences I found were ... the blue element on each letter of the banner is missing on the individual pictures.
C - Blue parrot on top left corner, and blue dot on the top right.
A - The blue flower
P - The blue flower
E - The blue flower.
I'm loving watching all your Cape Cod cuties come to life - you have such an extraordinary talent Elizabeth - thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's a great idea to mix things up a little, Elizabeth! I love your banner and I notice the little doggy hanging in the middle {from the cabinet handle?} is not in your blog header but in the last picture with your banner.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh how I love that paper. What a cute banner and header. Miss Kim at Mussings of Kim K. changes her header each month and I love seeing it. This is so patriotic. The only little difference I see is that darling doggy. Enjoy your week...smiles...Renee

annemarie said...

Your header is missing the blue dog and the post is missing the blue circle, flowers and bird (or whatever it is). The changes all seem to be blue items!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've put pretty blue flowers on a, p and e and a cute little rocking parrot and a blue dot on the c. Did you crochet some of the little flowers? Cute as usual! ♥

Jennifer Bontrager said...

I noticed that the eagle is missing from the corner of the C and that A and P are missing flowers in the header. Jenn Bontrager

Teresa said...

I love a good puzzle! This is what I found:
"C" items in the banner & not indiv. pic: -round blue see thru disc over ferry ticket
- blue plastic parrot??
- red clothespin
"A" red/white/blue flower added over letter "A"
"P" white flower over 'P' in single pic & then a blue & red flower in the banner
"E" real photo of the girl placed higher in banner-at a different angle (under red clothespin) covering portion of letter 'E'

That's all that I found. I LOVE your new banner by the way! I so hope one day to visit Cape Cod & have my own fun adventures. Have a great week! Teresa W (

Anonymous said...

I love this game! The "A" banner in the post is missing the pretty blue flower on the top left.

Teresa said...

I forgot to add the word "Cod" appears on the letter 'C' banner & not in single picture. Sorry, I left off my original list:-(
Teresa W (

superstitches said...

C-Blue parrot, blue dot

A-gray curlicue, blue flower

P-blue flower

E-can't see the banner one well enough to determine any differences.

PS-love, love your blog and your cute felt creations.

Kim with a K said...

OK - much fun!!!
"C" parrot is missing! So is blue bingo chip! And it doesn't say "COD"!
"A" Large blue flower has been exchanged for white flower instead!
"P" Large blue flower is missing!
"E" Picture of little girl has changed position!
Thanks! This was fun!

Janet's Creations said...

On the C - the blue dot and parrot.

You and your blog are the highlight of my mornings.

Angela said...

The first has a plastic parrot and poker chip added, the second has a cute flower with button center added, and the third has the addition of a flower and the script writing. It is such a delightful banner!

Angela said...

I forgot to mention the fourth letter...the placement of the photo and car card are changed and of course the clothespins are added.