Friday, January 21, 2011

A Pooch Tut for You!

It seems my Poodles in Paris were quite the success. A tutorial for you!

I absolutely adore chenille stem animals because they remind me of my beloved Uncle Howard and the wonderful cherry pipe tobacco scent that always clung to him. A pipe stand by his chair, yellow envelopes of cleaners always missing one or two to shape into animals.

POODLE: One stem is coiled around pen or pencil. The circumference of object determines how large your puppy will be.

A second stem is inserted through coils made. Bend stem at right angle to form tail at one end, neck at the other end. A poodle has a long neck. A backwards "4" is made to create triangle shape base for head coil. Snip cleaner.

"U" shaped lengths of stem are inserted between body coils. Trim legs to desired height. A third stem will be needed.

A pen or pencil is used to form head. Wrap six coils towards point creating shape to taper. Insert "4" triangle inside coils from larger opening.

Ouch! Stem inserted between head coil to form ears. Trim to desired length.

Using small pointed scissors trim away cleaner from metal center at tip of each exposed stem. Insert stems into centers of med. poms for legs, smaller for ears and tail. Trim poms.

Tacky glue is used to place eyes and trims. I usually use seed beads for the eyes. How cute are these canine companions!

By changing small details, you can create different types of dogs. I have bent a second stem and twisted it to create a thicker tail. A shorter neck, a backwards "4".

Flattening the head coils creates a different shape for this puppy.

Thicker legs created by twisting bent stem first.

Or by coiling around leg another stem. I use a candy stick to create these small coils.

Short dogs with long legs, wide dogs with short legs. Ears up, ears down, whiskers or pug nosed. I promise once you make one, you will make another. I now have used my entire supply of pink pipe cleaners making Valentine Pooches!

Speaking of Valentines and pooches, my Twirly Swirly Girl had her First Anniversary dinner table beautifully set waiting Joes return from work. A vase of flowers, petals on the table and floor, candles lit to create a scene. Nahla and Joe's puppy Elan ate all of the petals! Not to worry. Joe arrived with a bouquet of roses and bag full of petals of his own!


LindaSonia said...

Your little pooches are adorable!!

My SweetCards said...

Ohhh, thank you, thank you for posting a tutorial. I can't wait to run home and try one! As a little girl, I remember having pipe cleaner bees that someone gave me too. You are so kind to share this with everyone.

Sandy said...

Your big white puppy is soooo adorable! I have this memory of little tiny chicks that were on my Easter basket when I was a little girl. I wish I had saved some because they were so cute. Your chenille stem animals remind me of them. I wish I could find some or figure out how to make some cause I'm not talented like you are Elizabeth. Oh well...maybe I will come across some one of these days. Have a lovely day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your poodles, Elizabeth! I had a toy poodle at 16 - a rescue dog - probably badly abused, it took me several weeks to get her to trust me. Then she was my sidekick! Hubby who was then boyfriend would go to kiss me goodnight when leaving and this little toy poodle would be all over his ankles {since that's as far as she could reach}, thinking he was attacking me!

The big white puppy looks quite regal in that picture!

Debby said...

You make them look easy. They are so cute. Twirly girl's dog is beautiful. Great photo. Enjoying the snow.....sre is cold isn't it.

The Star Gal said...

Is there NOTHING you can't create. My goodness you are a talented woman!!

Unknown said...

I was going to say....are the puppies loose????? LOL I bet dinner was wonderful!!!! Your TWSG is obviously so in love!!!! I love your little animals made of the pip cleaners! Just love them! PLEASE go see my most recent post.....I had to show everyone how the 521 Lake STreet Penny Rug turned out framed on a budget! I am so happy everytime I walk by it! :):) Love you! Sandy

★Carol★ said...

Thank you for the pooch tut, and just saying "pooch tut" makes me smile! My list of Elizabeth things to make is growing longer by the day!
Happy Weekend!

Anita Kehn said...

Pipe cleaners bring back memories of grade school days. We made things with them and such fun it was. I look forward to reading more about Joe and TSG. Very sweet and I wish them well. Love is sooooo wonderful.

Brenda Pruitt said...

You are sooo good! Adorable!

Pieceful Bits said...

your pink pooches and poodles are perfect! It's fun to know why you started liking pipe cleaners! I also like the smell of sweet-smelling pipes.
The anniversary dinner sounds like a hit! Who would have guessed pooches like petals?

Mary said...

Oh Elizabeth, thank you for the tutorial. I am picking up pink pipe cleaners and white poms tomorrow. I was going to try them without the tutorial but now I am sure I can do these. Your instructions with pics are wonderful. You are so generous with your talents...I have always believed our Lord blesses those who are so generous by making them multi-talented and you certainly give proof to my belief. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

That's so sweet of you to send those for her to actually have. Your tutorials are better and better everytime E. Thanks for getting detailed. That's what I need.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Denise said...

You are an amazing woman my Dear.

Melody said...

I used to make these little animals years ago and you brought back memories of these times. Thank you so much for sharing.

vivian said...

how exciting for your TSG!! you pups are so cute! I love the three little white pups I have from you.
I hope you have a great weekend Elizabeth!

Scrap for Joy said...

I can't get over how big Nahla has gotten...she can probably even reach more things in your crafting room now-ACK! Your poodle tut is a great help and very clear. Thanks for sharing your talent Miss E!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun craft for all ages! Thanks for taking the time to show us how, Elizabeth! ♥

Carole said...

How cute are those???

Beautiful dog too.

Jane said...

Thanks so much for the doggie tutorial, Elizabeth! They're so cute!
And the big white puppy is a cutie too - I was hoping the table setting didn't get ruined! Glad it was just the petals :)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I certainly have a good supply of pipe may be a poochie weekend in the studio! I can work with pipe cleaner, but not a needle and thread. Yours are adorable!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Those are just the cutest little pooches ever. And the post about your father brought goosebumps. Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Suz said...

Adorable, E. You are so creative. I love the penny rug you did for Sandy so much. She did a great job framing it. You wrote me the most wonderful note about loving our husbands so much and being married to our kindred spirit. I do agree. I adore my lover boy and could tell you adored yours a long time ago. I have a true marriage...not bragging...many things I did not get but we are one...which is also why it is hard for me to know how sick he is. It's an adjustment and I sure have my ups and downs.
Sending you love and thanks fir all of this joy and sharing,

Sally Annie Magundy said...

So cute Elizabeth, just adorable! Wishing Hannah lots of crafty fun making those. I think I'll try my hand at them too since I pretty much adore doggies above all else in this world. Thanks so much for your great tutorial. Oh! Where'd you get all those different pink stems - we don't seem to have such a wide variety in my neck of the woods.

Happy First Month-a-versary to your darling TSG and her beau!

bigeyedchick said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have always wanted to know how to make animals out of "pipe cleaners"! My grandma used to have these when I was little. I think they were car air fresheners, but I'm not sure.

Thanks again!!

Laurel :)


Hi E,
You are so thoughtful ~ thinking of others with your darling creations!
I'll be mailing your Valentine on Monday!
Happy weekend.

White Puppy is growing!!

Betty said...

I love your tutorials. I wish I had time to make them all. I probably would if I didn't have my own pooch to take care of. Speaking of which...Nala is just gorgeous. Isn't she growing up to be a pretty girl!

Lynn Catnes said...

Thank you so very much for the wonderful tutorial on the pipe cleaner dogs! I can't wait to make them...YOU NEED to write craft book of all your wonderful designs and show that talent to so many more! You are the best!

Nan said...

Darling tutorial and thanks for that. The photo of Nahla is so very lovely even the background seems mystical. Nice job. Yes we can't stay mad at them can we. I saw one in Homer just like her yesterday.

dls said...

Thank you for the tutorial on pink poodles.

Please give that adorable puppy dog a pat for me.

By the Bluegrass said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Did you by chance see the White House Christmas special on HGTV? They made a replica of the first dog Bo, out of black and white pipe cleaners. It was huge and soooo cute!

The Peterson Family said...

I LOVE this idea - I'm going to have my kindergarteners make red Clifford dogs....well, maybe I'll just make them for them - that might be less work:)

Robin Sanchez said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I wanted to make some of these for my grand daughter....shes 4 and loves little things. I have 2 new packs of pipecleaners in assorted colors....I can hardly wait.

I always enjoy seeing your creations and you are soo sweet for giving us tutorials too!