Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peppermint Sledding Ornament

How sweet are these little ice skating ornaments for Vivian's swap! They look as though they are preparing to step on the ice of a skating extravaganza.

Chilly and wonderfully cold today, a perfect day to begin working on my Peppermint Sledding Ornaments. Oh my! so many steps with such tiny pieces.

Simply sweet faces painted, the backs of paint brushes used to make dots.

The same pattern pieces are used as were with the ice skating ornament. Use Tacky Glue to adhere white felt trim. White snow glitter would also be wonderful for the edging. Allow to dry.

A dab of hot glue at center of neckline. Slightly overlap back of dress, hot glue as well. Bow: 2 strands floss thread through first pom, tie bow leaving needle on thread, thread second pom, cut ends. Use Tacky Glue to adhere to collar of dress. After boots are glued on, legs will be crossed as though sitting.

Cut chenille arms slightly longer than sleeves, hot glue to back of sleeve. Free cut mittens and hot glue in place. Crook wrist to rest on sled edge. Boot: Apply small amount of hot glue to back of stem, place in center of boot piece, apply hot glue to one side of boot and fold over to meet other sandwiching between your fingers. Use sharp scissors to cut away any glue showing. Hot glue pearl beads in place. Fold legs. Head piece: a little cone hat would be cute or silver tinsel. I have cut a strip of felt and snipped away the back of a pom to make it flat. Hot glue is used.

 A 1/3rd measuring cup is just the size to create the sledding saucer. Trace on folded over foil with pencil (makes easier not to tear). I have placed foil circle inside a bowl shape and used my fingers to give foil a bit of a lip for tinsel stem to be added. Size is the same as circumference of measuring cup. Snip excess. Hot glue to foil.

First one to the bottom!


Nan said...

Elizabeth I have to make one of these, it's snowing heavy here and the perfect day to make a little sledding girl. Thanks for the details in your photos and instructions. They are all wonderful !!

Elyse said...

so adorable and easy to follow steps. thank you!


Pieceful Bits said...

Peppermint Skating and Sledding!! I believe you are ONE of the very talented crafting women that Vivian knows;)
Hope you're staying warm this Saturday.

Cindy said...

I re-read this post..then it hit me what you said about being on the sled and flying!!Sorry I am laughing with you..been there done that..thank God a chain link fence slowed me
Love the little ice darn cute!!
Thatnks for the tutorials.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


Hi E,
Your little skaters and sledders are so sweet and all the time it must take to make them!
My tag is done and will go in the mail on Monday! Thanks for letting me do the one to one with you!
Have FUN creating!
deb :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your skaters are so sweet, Elizabeth! I remember when we moved from Brooklyn to Long Island. I turned 12 that year and my grandmother gave me her ice skates. We found the town park {"take this road all the way down to the end"} had an ice skating rink and a new freedom was found! We only had the one car so Dad had to want to go, too, but I did get quite a few visits in and managed to do very well on my own. No fancy twists and spins, but I never fell down! Your skaters make me think back to that very happy time.

Celestial Charms said...

I'm so in love with your sledding girls, and the ice skaters are more cuteness than I can handle. ;)
I have to set time aside to make these beauties. Thanks so very much for sharing the steps with us. I am always in such awe of your talents...honestly. You truly have a gift, E.

Reality Jayne said...

Do you have a craft room where all this magic happens???....inquiring minds want to know

Lorlore said...

Adorable as always, love them!!!

Miss Rhea said...

Truly Darling !!! :)

PinkGranny said...

Oh my those are so cute! I have been amazed at all the felt ornaments you make. I haven't had that kind of luck making this type of project but maybe now is a good time to try again. Your tips and patterns are terrifc. Ironically, Elizabeth, when I looked at the picture of the skaters tonight I thought how nice it would be if you included directions and behold, the directions were just down the page! Thanks so very much.

vivian said...

OMG E!!! two two two??? YOu spoil us!
love them and you!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Elizabeth, you are crafting genious! I am in awe of your creations! Thank you for making it look so do-able. Have a wonderful Sunday! Twyla

Andrea said...

They are all fantastic! I am going to make some for my daughters tree in her room she will just love them, thankyou for such great instructions x

Flossie and Tom said...

I love them all - you are so clever - they would sell like hot cakes here in the UK Sara XX

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

OMG!!! Elizabeth, these are sooooooooooooo adorable!!! I have to try this. Thanks for amaze me :)

Suz said...

Oh, my gosh. I can't stand it. Those are just adorable!

Jill said...

Those are so dang cute I can hardly stand it. Everything you create is simply magical!

Val said...

Those ice skaters lined up about to jump onto the ice are the prettiest! I love them.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully creative and imaginative! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Susie H.

Anonymous said...

an orange juice concentrate lid would make a nice durable flying saucer. We all save those!

Anonymous said...

I came across your adorable ornaments. I would love to make them for an ornament swap that I host every year. Is it possible to get the measurements for dress, sleeve, boots,scarf and mittens. What size was used for the head. Sorry it takes me a long time to figure things out and then I wind up giving up and these are too cute to do that. Thanks Stacy

rosy123 said...

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