Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Shakers

A last Halloween craft made for the party in my craft room, I am giggling about having used every last crafting supply I own!

These Halloween Shakers are inspired by ones made by Bucks County Folk Art.

Round paper shapes can be found at Michaels. This is a great project for acrylic paints which blend easily as you paint. I have drawn faces with pencil.

I have used a simple technique of painting a solid base color,

Painting in small areas, apply a dark shade close to your drawn features, your base shade with with a little white added towards the edges of your shape. Blend from your dark to light until you like the desired effect. (note completed section top left).

Paint your white areas next, then your black. I added a little of my green color to the teeth and eyes and blended it in lightly. A liner brush is used to outline features. A craft stick also purchased at Michaels is inserted in the opening where I pulled out the hanging cord made slightly larger with the tips of my pointed scissors.

What fun it was to make these holiday revelers!

Let the party begin!


Hearts Turned said...

Oh, my! I LOVE your Halloween shakers, Elizabeth! Skilled with the paintbrush as well, my friend! They look just like the vintage ones I've seen--beautiful job! And congratulations on using all your supplies--that's quite an accomplishment, my friend!

Hope your Sunday is a lovely and restful one...


Nan said...

Oh my gosh E now we see you paint too like a professional. Another talent I should have know as you do faces so well with your paper and felt !! Good going I adore these sweet faces.

sassypackrat said...

Really love the shakers! So fun and retro!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You are very talented in your drawing, Elizabeth! I am horrible. When I need something drawn I have to ask my Dad. He's very good at it. These are so cute! The collars remind me of the tissue paper carnations or flowers I made years ago when I was in Juniorettes in Brooklyn.

Celestial Charms said...

Oh Elizabeth,
Your holiday shakers are delightful. Love their vintage looks which you painted so very well. What a party they will all have in your pretty craftroom!

Unknown said...

These are so fun!!!!!!!!!! I cannot paint at all....but I sure could us some stickers from the Dollar Store! They have had face parts in the past for sticker sheets....but I am done with Halloween for this year, maybe next!!!!

Lisa said...

I always love reading about your process! I learn a lot reading how other artists develop a piece. You are so generous to share!

NanE said...

LOL, I was just at Cyndi's and saw her adorable shakers and now come here to find even more cuteness! Thank you for the tut, I really need to drag myself to Michaels, I just hate going to that part of town. Have a great week, Nan

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey E!

I actually inspired someone? You don't know how good that makes me feel!! Then again, you know you're always inspiring me so maybe you DO know!

Aren't the shakers too much fun to make? Inexpensive too. And the ideas are limitless.

What do you mean your paint skills are rusty? I literally thought you decoupaged the faces on!! What talent!

If you need any other ideas. Here's something I did at the girls' party, but forgot to take pics. You can buy 12 packs of little treat-sized plastic JOLs. I filled them with candy corn. Then, I wrapped tissues around lollipops to resemble ghosts. I tied a black piece of yarn around its "neck" and used black marker to dot eyes, nose and mouth. Then, I put the ghost in the JOL. So many treats in one!

Also, for 3 of the ghosts, I colored black marker on the tips at the bottom. Whoever chose a ghost with a black tip won a prize!

Have fun!

Scrap for Joy said...

I would never enev attemp to paint faces on anything..never a talent I possessed. Yours are so funny and vintage looking...great job E. Used all you Halloween supplies...I won't live long enough to ever use all of mine. Some I just like to look at...can't cut into them yet!
If your our son and DIL are not thrilled with what you've created, you can adopt me. :D

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Love these Elizabeth! Good minds thig alike. Stop by my blob and see the ones I did this year.....they would look fab with your! Try this out too. I started making ghosts today out the the egg shaped paper mache ornaments!
Love everything about these!

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...
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Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

LOL - just noticed that you mentioned my shakers - you are such a sweetie! I will have to share my ghosts when they are done :)

Paula Clare said...

Oh E! Is there ANYTHING you can't do? I think not! If you hear the strange sound of a helicopter landing on your roof tonight, it will be ME, helivac-ing your little wire Halloween "party" to my house! I love every single creation! Oh my goodness...I used PAPER to create my shakers...never even OCCURRED to me to use paint...that is, until I saw Jill's and yours and...and...and...oh WON'T you PLEASE bottle some of that talent and send it my way?!?!

Paula Clarew

Little Messy Missy said...

Love the shakers!!!!

Pieceful Bits said...

Shake, Shake, shake!
Love your shakers and Cyndi's too.
what a great centerpiece E.
Wow great job on using all of your supplies..we should all be so crafty.
Have a great week.

Suz said...

Your shakers are just the best! Your painting is very good and you again spelled it out so I could understand. I am looking forward to having Silver Bella and my Dec craft show pass and then I am going to do some of these things which look like so much fun to me! I feel like I have a book of inspiration and explanation just waiting for me in your archives! Using your supplies is a very good thing!!!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh how I loved your tutorial today! I want to make some of those little darlings!

Carrie said...

SO cute!! Love the Halloween anniversary (I would have totally done that if my best friend's b-day wasn't the same day... grrr... lol). Everything looks fantastic, and you made it look way too easy, too ;)!!!

Unknown said...

Oh these are just as cute as everything else you do. They so remind me of Halloween noisemakers I enjoy as a kid of the 60's.

OOO's...Tracy :)

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