Monday, October 18, 2010

Batty about Halloween

Every Halloween party needs a bat in attendance.

Especially if it is one as cute as this one.

He can always be counted on to "hang around" after the festivities have come to an end and help with clean up duties.


LBP said...

How scary that must have been! I would have been crying too! You have such great stories!

Thanks for the Bat Pinkeep pattern!



Val said...

Elizabeth - Thank you so much for the visit to my blog. I always love to meet other people who are building gazers like myself. Do stop back anytime, please!


barncat (Lisa) said...

What a story! I would have been thinking Midnight Express too, scary! glad you have good memories of the day too. :)

Adorable bat, not scary at all!

Hope said...

What an incredible story. I hav ebeen priviledged to be invited into a Mexican family experience i will never forget!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Did your post ever bring back memories! Many years ago, my ex-husband and I had a scary time crossing the border back into the US too, shiver shiver shake.

I had been to the nursery and bought bedding plants and the nursery always put newspapers down so your trunk wouldn't get dirty. Well, I forgot about the newspapers covering the bottom of my trunk and we went off to vacation a few days in Coronado and one day we decided to go to Tijuana to shop. I had never been before and I had always loved those embroidered shirts. So off we went.

Our trip was short lived though, I couldn't find what I wanted and then there were some men on the street, outside the shops, that kept heckling me and when I ignored them, they made really nasty comments to my ex-husband. ACK! So we decided it was time to skedaddle out of there.

But when we got to the border, the first guard found it really odd that we had only gone over for a couple of hours (at the most!) and all I had bought were some place mats. He made us open the trunk and when he saw the newspaper spread out over the bottom of my trunk, he thought he had found some drug dealers or people smugglers or something. GEEZ!

He made us pull out of the line and go to a second guard. We waited for an eternity, sure that we were going to jail in Mexico and never be heard from again. WAH!

Thankfully the second guard was not a nut like the first one and let us go.

WHEW! So scary!

Your bat is adorable, would it be alright if I share it on my blog for my bat crafts theme? Let me know what you think.

Happy Tuesday,

Nancy said...

It's the drug cartels, Elizabeth. It breaks my heart to see what is happening in my hometown...11 miles from the border. I for one have no problem with the hardworking Mexicans who cross our borders - we lived in peace with that for years - but the way things are now are scary. I used to go to the border towns to shop and never gave it a second thought but I wouldn't go anywhere in Mexico right now. For the most part the customs officers were polite but there were some really rude jerks occasionally - you got one! We have our memories, though, don't we. I must go now - could you give me a hand down off of my soapbox!!! :)Nancy

Loretta said...

I LOVE your stories!

Celestial Charms said...

What an experience, Elizabeth. One that you will never forget for both the hospitality and the novelty. I love those type of memories...the scary bits add drama to our lives. Surely spices up our memories!

Pieceful Bits said...

OH my I would have been terrified!
I'm glad you can remember the nice memories of that day too!
Your bat is adorable!!!!!!

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