Sunday, November 22, 2009

E and Bluebirds

Another heart in the mail! This one is so extra special to me because it is from a most talented and lovey woman, Dee of Lulu at Home. I had a most difficult time opening her beautifully presented bundles.

It is because of Dee as well as Jenny B. of Allsorts that I came to be aware of vintage childrens book illustrations. Both have generously shared their images with all of us. Dee transforms images into the most charming keepsake art that I have ever seen! This button card is calling for a frame and a special place to hang.

Dee hopes to have a blog to share with us in the new year. I hope it will feature her exquisite sewing skills. This heart tells such a sweet story, I just love it!

Dee is also very special to me because, like myself, she became overwhelmed with the social obligations we place upon ourselves in the Flickr community. Worry about not responding to every kind comment, worry about offending others, it all becomes too much. My hope for Dee is that she will find a way to share her remarkable talent with us while finding the right balance for herself. This has been my journey, and I am so thankful to still be here.


Scrap for Joy said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. There are certain people I have come to admire and love in this crazy world of crafting and blogging. I have followed your blog since last September or October, always hurrying here first to see what new gems you had created or to read one of your recollections from childhood. Because of also following your Flickr photos, I came to know Dee (LuLuathome)because of the comments she would leave for you. When I visited her Flickr site I was awed with all of the images from children's books she displayed. Then she showed pictures of things she had made and photos of her home. Two women, Elizabeth and Dee, who inspired me by their example, to expand my paper art adventure to things other than scrapbooks. When Dee stopped posting I was so sad. We had had a wonderful swap (with Bekah of fullofbliss) and she sent some amazing things but more importantly were her visits. I am so glad that she sent you one of her awesome packages. She works much like you do Elizabeth, with precision perfection and imaginative creativity! How lucky am I to have come to know both of you through the wires of the internet? You have left an impression on many of us and I'm sure they all feel as I do, thankful for the experience. Sorry for being so long-winded today. This post just touched my heart.
Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth and thank you.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I can't wait for Dee to start blogging! I would love to get to know her better and no need for her to worry, we would accept her unconditionally. Twyla

Lulu at Home said...

Oh my!!! How beautifully you photographed it all. I'm so thrilled to think that it brought you happiness. And about the's so amazing that you bought it! I bought it, too, a couple of months ago and thought of you so much at the time. It really is awesome sometimes how our creative lives intertwine in this funny electronic world! I just love that you found that book too and thought of me!
Thank you for expressing your understanding of our mutual experience.I appreciate it deeply! You are so generous with your kindness and support! You deserve all the hearts and more for the inspiration you give to each of us, not just for the beautiful skills you share, but for the honesty that you so well express in your writing!! I feel very fortunate to count you as a friend.

Wyldhare said...

What a wonderful package from Dee! The button card is so you! I miss Dee online, but I do so understand the time and commitment it can turn into, to try to keep up. However, I am glad she is pulling back to be good/kind to herself. It should be fun and inspiring, not overwhelming and stressful. Dee is also someone who has inspired me in so many ways, in addition to the inspiration you give me Elizabeth!

Betty said...

The heart from Dee is wonderful. I hope Dee does start a blog. We miss her on Flickr. I always looked forward to new downloads from Dee.

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, I love these images! Vintage childrens' illustrations are just my favorite!!! May I use these in my cardmaking? I would love to, and would give you the credit--let me know when you get a second in this very busy time! So glad I found your blog tonight!

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