Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hobby Lobby

When I am standing in line in the lobby of my bank, I know I will have to address once again the issue of on-line banking with the teller that is assisting me. "Mrs. Andrus, do you know how easy it is to pay your bills on line?"

"I do." I reply, "But my husband's hobby is paying bills, and he simply won't be deprived of the enjoyment he gets by doing this by mail."

I love this little quirk of my husband's. He sits at his desk tucked in a corner of our bedroom with a front window over his shoulder. The sound of perforated paper being torn reaches my ears as I sit in my craft room. I know that he is as happy as can be, and I am happy for him.


Hope said...

Well, let me be the first to add a comment and wish you a happy birthday! As for husbands, mine is very hesitant about me having an ETSY shop, but I will start one up very soon, hopefully! Your peg dolls are adorable and I would love any colour you chose to send me!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh what a fun day to come by and see you are having a giveaway! Please enter my name in your drawing...all three colors will match with my house...but I will choose "Orange"! I will have to come back to officially wish you a "Happy Birthday"! Hugs :)

Ina said...

I love your new header! I'm sorry to hear your husband is adament about the situation. Maybe TSG could soften him up when she gets back? Just a thought! ;0

I would love to win the green one! your creations are just so fun! ;0

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your blog make-over is just darling, Elizabeth. I grabbed your new button and added it to my own blog. I would be honored to be entered in your birthday give-away. I would love any color that you might choose. Birthday blessings!

annemarie said...

Husbands can be very set in their ways but I am sure he will soon weaken. He probably is worried about fraud and ID theft and I cannot blame him as this seems to be a rampant problem. Please enter my name for the "green" winnings. Wish we could celebrate our birthdays together - mine is the 23rd - so close to your special day.

Anonymous said...

My hubby HATES it that I shop "on line". He's certain it will ruin us financially, some way....some how. So, we also do not bank on line! :) Yup.....Stone Age. Oh well.

I would love to be entered in your awesome Birthday giveaway. I choose yellow! :)

Happy Thursday! dana

PS Cute new header!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I want to have a give away for my birthday next month but I haven't decided what yet...

What adorable little acorn pixies! They remind me of a craft in the encyclopedia we had when I was a girl!

Well, I still have money in my paypal account that I can't figure out how to get my hands on. They locked my account down because they were suspicious of my many and varied attempts to get into it! Oh well. I've never used an ATM machine either so there! :)

Well, life will go on and don't be embarrassed... I have found that hubby's usually know what's best for us and what we can handle. ♥

My color is YELLOW!

Happy@Home said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Just wanted to tell you how much I love your new blog look. So cute! I also think your little fall dolls are ADORABLE!!
We do some banking online, but I can certainly understand your husband's hesitation.
How nice of you to do not one, not two, but THREE giveaways in your birthday month. Please enter me as a YELLOW.

Donna said...

I love the new look of your blog... a little peek through the window to the room where all the magic takes place - just perfect!

I love green!

(Sorry, I had to delete my previous comment... it had a typo and that drives me crazy!)

Tammy said...

Oh Elizabeth...I could live with any of the things on your blog! And, indeed would love ALL the things on our bog. You have inspired e to try my hand a making some of your cute little felt friend for gift giving. Happy Birthday Sweet Elizabeth! And, since I love all your colors, I'd be delighted with any color of your choosing!

Jenny's Heart said...

I love the new look!
I hope you are able to convince your husband to let you have your own shop :)
I think yellow.

Kerry said...

I think husbands are all the same, the world over - mine is very wary when it comes to things like that too.
I would be very happy with any of the colors .... the green one is my favorite though.
Have a lovely day Elizabeth:-)

Jayme said...

You always brighten my day! Sorry about your thwarted Etsy plan - husbands can be difficult. I would love any color if I should win. Thanks for the chance!

Becca said...

Please add me in your giveaway. I would love to win one of your creations! Any color would be wonderful.

Lisa said...

Happy early Birthday to you!! Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway. I would love any color you pick out!!
Would love to see you have an Etsy shop one of these days!!

Jennifer Bontrager said...

Happy Birthday! I am really sorry that you won't have your etsy shop. I was looking forward to buying one of your creations! Eat lots of cake and icecream and hit an antique store or two! Thats how to celebrate a birthday! :)
I like orange.

Kim Budash said...

Any color would be fine with me, whatever you think. I would love to WIN something from you as all of your stuff is AMAZING. Please include me in the drawing, and I can't wait until you have your shop up and running, as I want to have a chance at purchasing something. It seems when I want to buy something stuff is already gone. What do people do, sit on your site and just wait, lol. Thanks !

Michle said...

I just love your giveaways. I would choose green if given a choice. You and my grandson, Breck, share the same birthday. He will be 8 and I won't ask how old you are lol. Have a great day.

Janet's Creations said...

Oh, you can still have an Etsy shop. I am sure your customers would send you a check.

Love the new little peg dolls. Adorable.

I'd love to be in your drawing.
Orange, please.

Scrap for Joy said...

I'm trying to get caught up on my reading after being away. First let me say that your new header and background are perfectly you. A big smile was on my face as soon as I saw it.
I would be lost without PayPal. It's so much safer than giving credit card numbers on line. I've never had any problems with it.
Your new pegdolls are exceedingly sweet. Any color of anything from you is always OK by me :D

Loretta said...

Elizabeth, your new "look" is very sweet! I love it. Well, that's amazing your hubby won't let you have Paypal. It's very safe. I adore it! You just have to keep your password a big secret, and make sure it's tamper proof. Paypal is so easy and delightful to use. You can still have an Etsy shop, but alas, I couldn't buy anything from it as I'm in Canada, and a check takes 3 weeks to get to you. Sigh.

I hope it will all work out. I'm sure you would be wealthy in no time from selling your sweet items. Tee hee...
I'd love to be entered in your drawing. I'd love anything green.

purplejan1976 said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I have been behind the scenes
reading your wonderful blog and
enjoying all of the wonderful
"eye candy" that you create.
Oh, I was so excited when I read
that you would have an Etsy shop
too. I do hope that you will be
able to open one, it would be so
Best wishes to you and your Husband
and the Happy Couple on their
marriage. Their picture in Hawaii
is lovely.
I also wish you the Happiest of
Birthdays and may your day bring
you much joy.
I love, love the little peg dolls
and would so love a chance in your
giveaway. I would love any
color! :)

JaneBean said...

I only found your site the other day and oh so cute!! I was scanning around your blog for a shop.....but now I realised in vain! One day your shop will come I'm sure. :)
It's my son's birthday on the 29th of September and he will be 10. But the pixie would be for me!!
Any colour would be lovely

oh amy said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I'm a September birthday too - the 18th. I choose GREEN.

scrappin4mykdz said...

Happy "early" Birthday! My stepdaughters birthday is the 29th as well. Good day for a birthday! Aren't husbands fun? LOL! Anyhow, I would LOVE to be included in your giveaway. Your pixies are absolutely adorable. Green is my favorite color so that would be my favorite choice but really any would be just as wonderful! Thank you for the chance.

superstitches said...

Sorry husbands do have their quirks. You might consider just getting your own separate account for online transactions. Anyway very Happy Birthday. I'm in an orange mood right at the moment.

birdie blue said...

wishing you the happiest of birthdays and let me say i understand about husbands and 'bill paying'.

i would be ever so delighted to enter into one of your sweet give-aways...especially the 'green' one.

so crossing my fingers.

Mona said...

Love your blog and would love to win! I would like green. Mona Thanks

Tammy's in Love said...

My Postal Worker husband would give your Mr. Andrus the chug on the shoulder for MAILING his bills! Love the pretty little maidens all in a row! YELLOW!

Perfectly Printed said...

Your craft room is an ispiration!! I am moving my to a bigger room this weekend. Yahoo! More room for crafting!!!

I would love a yellow trinket for my new space.


carol fun said...

Oh Elizabeth, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love all of your creations and showed a picture of the little birthday cake you made me on my blog. You know that yellow is my favorite color, so that would be my choice. Take care!

Shara said...

Happy Birthday Month! I just had mine and it was a blast! I have sold on ebay and etsy for years and never had any issues whatsoever. I pay all my bills online too. No problems for me, but I know that they are out there.

If you are so inclined - orange, please?!? ;o)

editor said...

Happy Birthday! September is a wonderful month for a birthday. Tomorrow, Sept. 16 is my father's and my grandmother's birthday. He would have been 81 and she would be 104! I will enjoy thinking of them. I love your crafts and the new peg dolls are adorable! I like any of the colors.

Mary - don't know why it says editor!

Nan said...

Adorable leave people please enter me in the Birthday give away and I pick GREEN.

Pieceful Bits said...

Happy 29th birthday;)
I chose any color your heart desires <3
Pay Pal charges a monthly fee? I wasn't aware of that. I have been away for awhile. They may have changed.

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sorry to hear about the etsy shop, maybe your husband will change his mind. I would love to have a green leaf hanger to grace my craft room. Love the new header, it is very sweet.


Lynn said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I understand about hubbies. Mine does not want me to have my facebook page public. When MySpace was the latest thing, one of the guys he works with asked him about something that was on MySpace page. Needless to say, but that page went private as soon as he got home. Maybe you could put the things for sale on your flickr page and we could send you money orders for the purchases and that way you would still be making money from your creations but would not have to pay the Etsy fees or the paypal fees.
I would be happy with any color of your wonderful creations. I was getting all exciting thinking that I was going to be able to own a creation by "E"! I am going to pray that something changes that you will be able to sell your wonderful felties to your online friends one way or the other. Happy early birthday.

PinkGranny said...

I love green...and I wish you so well on your birthday...what a nice time of year for a birthday too. Your new look is great. I have to tell you I have never seen an artist with the talent you have with felt. I have long admired your little friends. I would have lots of fun playing with them in my craft area too!

pattyjean said...

O how i love reading your stories and making your characters! I love all, but choose orange. Happy BD. Pattyjean

ImagiMeri said...

Dearest E,

You know I love anything you make, and will gladly take everything you've got (LOL), so I would be especially grateful to win one of your green giveaways. Someday, I hope to be the recipient of one of your lovely hearts as well. Okay, that's enough sucking up today. Talk to you later.

Love ya'

Unknown said...

So a birthday is coming???? Time to celebrate! How much longer are you puppy sitting? I am going with my son next Friday to get my grandpuppy, she has been at "Camp Snoopy" aka Hunting Dog Bootcamp for 60 days! I miss her so, she will be all grown! But we have been told she is an amazing hunter for just a pup....very proud grandma! :( I am also sorry to hear your husband is upset about the Paypal account, I signed up for mine with Ebay and it was free at the time....if you go to and sign up without Etsy, it should be free! Maybe the fee is an Etsy fee???? It has been years since I did this, it might have changed.....still really love the changes E....and color...yellow of course! LOL Sandy

Lorraine said...

Your retort about your husband's hobby just cracked me up. Oh Elizabeth, I always smile when I come here to visit. Between your wonderful stories and all the wonderful creativity - this is a real treat. And so nice of you to share the chance of a birthday treat with all of us! I would choose yellow and I will wish you a Happy Birthday to come!

Teresa said...

Happy (early) Birthday! I'm sad for you about your Etsy shop. I was excited for you! I'd love to enter your birthday celebration give away. I would choose any color that you'd be willing to part with - they're all so cute! Have a great weekend! Teresa

Elaine said...


Also Happy Birthday to another Sept. baby. Mine also is Sept on the 18th. I also have a twin birthday person, same day, month and year.

Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Happy, happy birthday to a wonderfully crafty lady...
Tori and I would be honored to showcase some of your beautiful and clever creations in our favorite places to decorate in our home. We chose any color you would like to send.

Lovely posts...I have enjoyed viewing the world through your eyes for awhile as I catch up with your blog...It's been too long!

usagypsy said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying it so much. Adore your creations! Husbands......its been 30 years and I have long ago gave up trying to figure them out. But you are one up on me, at least yours has taken on the chore of bill paying....sigh! Oh and I like green :)

Michele said...

Please add me! Having one of your marvelous creations is on my bucket list!! Hope I can finally cross it off!!!

Anonymous said...

I love to read about your "practical" husband and laugh because I have the opposite dilemna! As a retired postal worker,I DON'T want our bills paid online. I want to support the organization that gave me a decent lifestyle,put my kids through college, and gave me a great pension. Don't we all have our little quandries?!?!? Early Happy Birthday to you. p.s. I love green.:)

Janie O said...

Darling Elizabeth!
These Acorn Girls are so Precious! They remind me of my tall oaks I have growing outside my house! Happy Birthday month to Us! Mine was last Monday the 12th. Don't you Love having your Birthday in September, just when the trees are starting put on their Autumn finery! I have wanted one of your felt hearts or one of your peg dolls or one of your little 3D scotties since I have seen your Beautiful work so I hope there is a way for you to find a place to sell to your adoring fans! OH GEESE, OH PEESE! Yellow :o )
Love Muchly, Janie

Diane Mars said...

Are you hinting that you too celebrate your Birthday this month? Mine is the 20th if so a very Happy Early Birthday wish oxox, Diane

Anonymous said...

I would love one of your darling creations. Hope you send overseas.

Swedie said...

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Hopefully you will find a way to have a little shop online. I'm sure your creations would be very popular. I love peg dolls, but have none like yours. I would love to be entered, and any color would be fine.

A Bee In My Bonnet - Leslie Anne said...

Dear Elizabeth, Happy Birthday to you! Okay, a little bit early! But I like early birthday cards, to sort of stretch out the event! Your peg dolls are adorable, as are all of your creations! And I, like many of your followers, would love to own one (or more!) of them! My pick would be yellow, to stand out in my red (and yellow and blue and green) kitchen and dining room! As for Etsy, I had no idea they charged $20 per month. I guess they have to make their money as well. But I hope you look into having another blog on blogger for your shop!


Liveandlearn78 said...

Wow! I just found your blog...and was instantly smitten! I would love anything you make.

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! My son will be 43 on the 29th, but if I receive one of your darling dolls, it will be my celebration! How I love your blog, your art, your storytelling.

TerriSue said...

happy birthday elizabeth! i wish you DID have an etsy shop as i would BUY. yellow is my favorite color

Anonymous said...

Your felt characters are fantastic!! Do you sell patterns for them?