Monday, January 4, 2010

Sparrows & Conversation Hearts

The cold of January brings the sparrows to the bird feeder outside my kitchen window. They never come alone!

Ones that can't feather their way in for seed, wait their turn on my railing.

A box of conversation hearts, what could be more sweet?


barncat (Lisa) said...

I love all your felt creations, and such beautiful pictures you take of them!

I'll be checking in from time to time, but one of my "resolutions" is to spend less time on the computer this year, become more of a doer, rather than just a looker. You've inspired me to make a monthly tag or block, but I doubt I'll be sharing them, they're just for me. :) Have fun crafting!

Unknown said...

Teach me, Teach me... I need to learn from you how to craft and do all this blogging all at once. You totally baffle me. These birdies are just the cat's meow.

★Carol★ said...

You're distracting me, Elizabeth! I had planned on starting your January tag tonight, but now all I can think about are those little birdies!
I was making felt hearts all weekend, and now I'll be making a few of yours to add to my collection too!
Happy Monday!

Betty said...

Those little birds are so cute and I love the bowl of conversation hearts. I'll have to see how much felt I can find around here. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!

Unknown said...

Your felt things are soooo fun! I lvoe the birds, but that wonderfuls et of hearts made my won flutter!!!! WOW, do I love those! And I think I could do those! :) I am going to have to figure where you get felt like that! Again, no clue! Michaels? Hobby Lobby? Can you tell us??? :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your conversation hearts certainly have the 'wow' factor! I think they look adorable! I've enjoyed pulling up my chair for a visit with you today. My heart is full because of it. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Michelle said...

I am in love with your blog. Your felt creations inspired me. I have began my own journey, I have now spent over an hour searching for info on where you purchase your felt. I have come to the conclusion that you have not share that info! PLEASE :) We dont have many stores in my area that sell felt, and its poor quality also. I would love to know where you get yours! I will continue to pester :)


Celestial Charms said...

Your felt birds and hearts are so beautiful. Yes, January is a blessed month for organization! I better get started before we hit February.

annemarie said...

Your felt hearts are to die for and the birds are so cute. Again you amaze me Elizabeth.

mimi said...

Oh Elizabeth your little birds are so precious. I adore them. With the blustery wind outside my window today they were the perfect thing to bring a smile and warm my heart. Speaking of hearts, I cant wait to give the little conversation hearts a try. I was just looking today for fun things to welcome Valentines Day. Thank you so much for sharing.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your little birdies and hearts.
How do you do the stitching??? I can cut, it's the stitching that gives me issues!!!
I would love to craft with you!!
Deb :)

Scrap for Joy said...

The birds...YOUR birds are always my very favorite thing you make. These with the rosebuds are almost too, that's not possible for anything you make to be too cute. They are simply perfect. The hearts do look good enough to nibble!

Anonymous said...

So cute, sweet and clean colors! You do a great job displaying your stuff! Love them!

vivian said...

God, I love your blog! its always such a great place to visit!
When I get a chance, I'm going to make one of your Elizabeth birdies! Also! Thank you so much for the package of vintage christmas cards. You sent them out so quickly I was really surprised to get them!
Hugs to you!

Paula Clare said...

Oh E! How incredibly adorable! I am so hideously miserable at sewing ... especially tiny I made the baby birds with what I had on hand, red adhesive felt. NO SEWING! I will post a pic or two on my blog for you to see how it turned out...not NEARLY as adorable as yours...I think we need to make a rule that when you make ANYTHING felt you make at least one extra...for the sewing challenged among us! LOL

Working on your January Tag tomorrow...AND more gnomie goodness!

Heleen said...

Oh dear Elizabeth this post is so LOVELY! The little bird an hearts are adorable!
Thanks for pionting me to Paula's blog. I love it!

Mrs Twins said...

Help!! Please
I need more time.
I'm checking my blogs, trying to make my squares for Charity, doing my other Crocheting, cooking, cleaning, washing.
Now such beautiful creations from Elizabeth,
How do we find time for all of this?
Hugs and Love , Sue x

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Elizabeth! I so love those little hearts and the way you photograph them really adds to their cuteness! ♥

Emily said...

Very pretty. This is just the type of project I look for for February. Quick and pretty simple with BIG results!

Hey, did you take down a post from yesterday about some cards or tags you made? I could have sworn there was another post with pretty old images and you gave the website to get them at. I feel like I've lost my marbles :)

WILLIAM said...

What the...? I stop by to say Hello and your blog is all pink and what not. So Girly. Are you trying to keep me away?

I am going to burp and scratch my butt now to give this place a little more testosterone.

Hi Elizabeth. *BURP* (scritch scratch)

Anonymous said...

These little birds are just precious!! I do so hope to make some of these sweets!


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh my gosh! I was just running in to comment on your adorable gnome penny rug - I read your entry on my iPhone - and now I see all this other cuteness! You are a cuteness dynamo Elizabeth. You are such a sweetie and so generous to share your patterns with us. Thank you so very much!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

All these pretties make my heart sing and my fingers itch to stitch. Will you please share how you stitched the conversation hearts together. My mom and I are trying to figure it out - is it a blanket stitch? I hope you can share.


Sandy said...

I'm looking at your past posts and these adorable little blue birds (or sparrows) make my heart sing! They are so cute and how nice of you to post the pattern. I swear that bloggers are the kindest, nicest people! I have some pieces of felt and I should try one. Someday...

Teacup Lane (Sandy)