Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bun Heads

Each morning as I made my way to the bus stop at the top of my hilly neighborhood, I could hear the familiar sounds of car doors closing further up Larkwood Drive.

I would anticipate and be ready to catch sight of Sarah through the passenger window as she was always in the process of putting on her coat or wrapping her scarf around her neck. She would disappear in this blur of movement, the image of her hair in a neat bun staying with me as I walked.

Sarah never rode the bus in the mornings and she seldom did in the afternoons, but on occasion I would spot her bun making it's way towards home, always separate from the throng of bus riding students. I would hurry my steps to watch more closely this mysterious girl. (Thank you Leslie, Craftyless)

Everything about Sarah spoke of gracefulness. She seemed to glide more than walk on a frame so slight I didn't know how it could support her. Her shoulders were impossibly squared, and her bun rested at the base of her neck that couldn't be hidden by her layers of scarf. I knew in my heart she must be a very special girl, and I wanted to be like her without evening knowing her.

As spring came and soon the end of school for her always, I summoned the courage as I left blacktop for the cement of my driveway to call out to her, "Bye, Sarah!" She paused in her progress, her bun slowly turning, "Bye, Elizabeth, have a nice summer!" I would never see her again.

My mother would tell me that Sarah was a member of the prestigious Washington Ballet Company. Her dedication to the discipline of dance kept her from the day to day activities of our peers. My years of watching Sarah's bun glide in and out of my small world had such an impact on the type of person I wanted to be. To this day I try always to be graceful and dedicated to do my best at anything I attempt.

And I know because of Sarah, my own daughter is this way as well. My own beautiful Bun Head will go with her father to watch the Nutcracker this evening. Her last test taken at school, the Dean's List again. Graceful in movement, shoulders squared, a swan like countenance I love to observe.

Original fabric pattern found here

My Coco Rose Pincushion Challenge happily adds a Valentine Hedgehog!


  1. A very sweet story. My Mama used to put my hair in a bun for special occasions, like birthday parties. But it was so fine, it would slip out and leave wispies everywhere after just a few minutes. She tried that gell stuff, but I didn't like that.
    I love your little heart hedgehog pincushions! I'll have to try my hand at one of those.

  2. A beautiful story and cute hedgehogs!
    I had a friend in school that reminds me of your Sarah.

  3. E,
    Your memories are always so sweet and moving....I can see you are on to Valentines Day already!!!! You silly girl! I am pooped making items also, but have a couple more to coming your way...:) Sandy

  4. I'm hoping Miss Josie will let me put her hair in a bun next Wednesday for her school Christmas musical. A beautiful story. Darling hedgehogs. Love all your Valentine graphics.

  5. I do believe it was a hedge hog that drew me to your blog years ago and these babies are just too cute !! Always good to hear about TSG so glad to hear things are going so well ... "we" are engaged in our usual holiday struggle. Your post is chocked full of wonderful Elizabeth-ness ... wonderful colors, crafts, and images !! xo E

  6. I love the hedgehogs!! Your story was amazing as always. I also wore a bun so I could certainly relate. Blessings to you Elizabeth.

  7. What fun to see the Nutcracker!!! Love your hedgehog pincushion!! Too cute!!


  8. Love your Valentine hedgehogs, Elizabeth! Another great story. I hope TSG has a great time!

  9. So sweet that your twirly girl has a date with her daddy. School sounds like it is going well. I bet you had to stay home to get Valentines going, hah. Love those hedgies. I had a real one once.
    Yes, wishing and a hoping for snow.

  10. How sweet! I love your stories and memories! They make your blog come alive!

  11. I haven't been by for a visit to your blog in a while and reading this reminds me of why I was drawn to your blog to begin with. Your writing is so beautiful and so straight from the heart. It always leaves me with a smile. And your photos are never too shabby either!! ; )

    ~ Wendy

  12. Such a nice story, E!! I used to wear a bun, too, because I danced and did acrobats, so it kept my hair neat. Does anyone remember the "bun forms" that were used to make a nice neat bun? Well, they've come around again, I saw an ad in a magazine for them!!
    Love the little hedgehogs, too! So cute with hearts all over them!!!
    Hugs, Sandie

  13. Sweet story! I really love those hedgehogs. I needed a craft to do tomorrow (my day off and reserved for crafting) and this fits the bill!

  14. Thank you E.for your sweet words on My new :) Enjoyed your story and your darling creations,as always.Denise

  15. Elizabeth,
    I just wanted you to know that you are one of the reasons my daughter and I started working on projects together.... Michele found your blog interesting and would read it often...I asked her what she was looking at...I took a look and I was hooked. You are a true artist it shows in all your work and your writings! Thank you for giving so much of yourself, you are blessed!

  16. So beautiful and sweet! Adorable hedgehogs, Elizabeth!! xo Heather

  17. Wow! Ballet...I wonder if she ever became a professional dancer. What a commitment that is.

    How exiciting that Miss TSG is loving school and excelling at it! YAY! ;p

  18. oh yes...can't beat a beautiful bun....i am the same as you...always envied the ballerinas but never had the poise or grace.....had the bun though! beautiful pictures x

  19. What a lovely story! I took dancing for about 6 months until they told my mom I spent more time hanging upside down from the ballet bar than doing any dance positions! Such a tomboy I was!

    Right after Christmas I am going to be scanning some amazing vintage valentines I found! Be on the lookout for some darling images!



  20. Oh the little hedgehogs are so cute. Such a nice story about Sarah. Hope your daughter and her Dad had fun at the ballet!

  21. I so wanted to be a ballerina when I was little but I shrank under the stern criticism of the teacher after only a few lessons. Low self esteem could not fight against it. Crestfallen, shattered dreams.

    My heart skips a beat when I see a ballerina, so very lovely. My nieces fiances sister is a real ballerina, I hope to see her dance one day.

    Love all your valentines and your darling hedgehog!


  22. Elizabeth, I love your blog and look forward to reading each new entry. The way you share your creativity, along with the heart warming stories, so well told, lifts up my own spirits. Thank you!

  23. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was little...great story!
    LOVE your little "heggies"!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  24. So adorable and sweet! Love your little hedgehogs!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Christmas wishes! xo Holly

  25. What a lovely story. We could all use a little more grace in our lives! Darling, darling Valentine hedgehog. Happy Weekend to you.

  26. Ha! I wear my hair in a bun most days. But it is NOT the refined, perfect, bun of someone like Sarah! I wish I was a Sarah! My buns are piled on the top of my head, with messy pieces sticking out here and there. More of an "artistic bun" I'd say. LOL
    LOVE those hedgehogs!
    Erica :)

  27. We just never know who is watching and what an impact our lives make!

    I wasn't able to take dance as a girl so I did when I was a young mother. :)

    Love your photos, E! ♥

  28. I can't decide which is more perfect the felt friends, paper clay people or your paper crafts so I have decided they are all my favorite...Happy Holidays...Renee


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