Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shopping at Macy's

Diane's Etsy shop, Saturday Finds, is my go to place for crafts featuring the holiday images I so love from days gone by.

There are so many vintage things I would not know about if it were not for Diane's use of them in creating the most adorable crafts. My Cute as Can Be Mr.Snowman would not be wearing his dapper red ice cream hat

if I had not purchased one of Diane's St. Charles Elf Cups. I absolutely adore him and can't wait to display him again this year.

The Queen of Pink has definitely influenced my color pallet for this year's holiday fare. My vintage inspired snowman wears pink and blue as he stand in line to meet Mr. North Pole.

Oh, now these shoppers are, as Vivian would say, "too stinkin' cute" for words! It looks as though their front doors will be decorated ever so ringingly.

Lest I give you the wrong impression, Diane does dabble in the traditional reds and greens that I so love. I am adding one of these cute kittens to my Must Have List. They are just so mE!

I know I will bore you to tears with with Christmas before the temperatures even drop below 70*, but I just had to share these wonderful characters that are appearing before me in my beloved craft room.

There are so many of you whose style is now reflected in my own art that I hope now speaks as my own. I strive to have a very simple style that reflects my own personality with just a hint of all that sparkles to reflect the women who shine so brightly in my eyes.

Please do not Pin pattern to Pinterest.


  1. We could never ever be tired of your Christmas pics! Keep them coming, along with your wonderful stories. :)

  2. Love all of the Christmas decorations any time of year!! chris

  3. What a friend I have made in Blogging, thank you for all your kind words, you are a very dear friend~ I love your Creations and I am always inspired when I visit your Blog... A special Christmas Kitty is being created just for you! Your Creations that are here and there in my Studio always make me smile. your friend, Diane

  4. They are all so "stinkin' cute", Elizabeth! : ) I love seeing them, whether it's August or December!

  5. Oh my goodness, the cutest snowmen ever! I'm dreaming of Christmas all year long, so anyday is appropriate. Isn't it wonderful, that we all inspire each other!

  6. ...and she makes for a great sister, too...come over to my blog and read my special story about her recent kindness! What a fun post, E!

  7. I can't wait for your craft shop to open. Your crafts are so adorable and so inspiring. I can't wait to buy some of your creations.

  8. See how you inspire us all? You have a special style all your own. I can't wait to click on the blogger post to see what awaits us in your craft room or on the painted cupboard that I adore! I can pick your creations out of a million Pinterest entries...they are so you! "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year." Charles Dickens must have known us somehow. There can never be too much Christmas! =D

  9. They're all so cute! It's a like a little magical village of cute Christmas characters! I love the snowmen on the jars...cute idea! :) :) xo Holly

  10. I can absolutely feel your excitment from reading your blog...awesome!
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. E-you can have Christmas cuties in the middle of the summer and you can have Beach Kids in the middle of the howling snows of winter - and it would not matter to us one iota! We always love everything!!!!!!!

  12. Tired of Halloween or Christmas posts? Heck no!! It inspires me and gets me exicited about the holidays. I start my holiday sewing in's the only way I can get things done in time.

    I even put on Christmas music while sewing in July and August. ;p

    I love looking at your creations. Makes me happy to see your creativity.

  13. Everything I see here is exactly "just too stinking cute"!! I too love Dianes creations, always so cheerful and sweet... like yours!
    I LOVE that newyears clock. Will there be one of those in your etsy shop?
    have a great weekend Elizabeth!

  14. Oh honey, don't be embarassed! Crafty ladies understand that it's open season on holidays in the craft room!

    I Love your snowmen to pieces! ♥

  15. I LOVE seeing your creations! I will never get tired of your holiday crafts they are so inspirational! Keep 'em coming!



  16. I have a year-round holiday party in my craft room. I can't bare to pack up some of my favorite artist's works. My calendar is always confused in my special room. I will always be in awe of your darling creations. Keep the pics coming! Inspiration awaits!

  17. I needed some inspiration today and wow- you've given me a ton! I love the snowman hats and all the cute faces on your characters!

  18. I never tire of seeing Christmas handmades...especially yours and Dianes. I have some of those same red and white ice cream I'm inspired to do something with them.

  19. So beautifully said, Elizabeth! Diane's work really is beautiful & inspiring--as is yours, my friend!

    LOVE your snowmen! Christmas creating can never start too early for me!

    Wishing you the loveliest day...


  20. Tired of seeing your creations? NEVER!!! I don't care if it's Aug. and you are sharing Christmas or Jan. and you are showing Fourth of July, it never get old to me! True creativity is timeless and you Miss E, are the epitome of creativity. ♥♥♥ Nan

  21. Thank you so much for this very inspiring post. I really must get to work! I love everything - soooo cute! Hugs, Patti

  22. Well I am another that never, ever tires of Christmas! I'd have it all year long if possible! How exciting, you're making me some they include a heart for me? I thought that red napkin was all you, so that's why it came to you...I only wish I had more of them.


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