Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Senior Citizen Crafts

EAK! Just the though of Senior Citizen Crafts when I was a newlywed was enough to send me anywhere than close to the senior who had drawn me near to gush over their latest craft made at, of course, their Senior Citizen's Center.

Aunt Dorothy was just such a senior, her home filled with handmade items on every surface able to hold, hang, or attach her latest proud creation. Crocheted butterfly magnets, soap dispenser dresses, pot holders with smiling plastic doll faces. There were Bingo card carriers and juice box pocketbooks, laminated place mats and coffee cup cozies. With each compliment I gave, I secretly vowed never ever to make Senior Citizen Crafts.

 And then I discovered blogging.

Where once I scrambled to discover where I had hidden away Aunt Dorothy's latest popcorn afghan as she knocked outside my door, I now find myself drooling over Ripples and Grannies on a daily basis.

Where once I bemoaned the plethora of Christmas Card Senior Citizen Crafts that came my way, I now find myself making them myself. Oh how Dorothy loved to crochet her received cards into baskets to hold hard candies.

Crisp white tags catching my eye at JoAnn's brought the memories of Aunt Dorothy's Christmas card crafts to mind, and I could not help but think what cute house ornaments the tags could become. Three tags are needed to make each house. Six houses can be made from one purchased package.

I have also made a template for you if tags are not available.

Aunt Dorothy would make coasters and place mats from her Christmas cards as well as ornaments made by cutting circles out and gluing their bent edges together. Here I have traced my templates onto my chosen card with a mind towards color more than the subject of the card. I want a red house with a white roof.

Glue stick cut out shapes to templates. I have added a ridge of scallops to the roof line.

A beading of hot glue along the edges, your house is nearly complete!

And so I find long before I am a Senior Citizen, a passion for the most simplest of crafts that express the holidays to me.

Aunt Dorothy was a woman who lived each day of her life to serve the Lord. Sitting in her parish church it's pews filled with the witnesses of her faith, I wept to see each one of her 18 grandchildren form a procession line to pay their final respect, each one carrying a handmade item made especially for them. Each one a Senior Citizen's Craft.

I have been asked many times where I purchased the cute paper organizer that can be seen in the above photo. It is available once again at Michaels for $39.95. Be sure and use your half off coupon!


  1. Oh these houses are adorable, Elizabeth!

    This post made me chuckle!

    I didn't know any crafty seniors when I was growing up...

    I'm happy to say that my children and grandchildren seem proud of my crafts. My 25 year old son was here the other day with a friend and he wanted me to go get one of my dotty pops to show his friend! Hee-hee! I was kind of embarassed yet flattered by my boys pride. :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Now isn't that the most adorable "senior citizen's craft" ever. So cute. Your Aunt Dot sounded like one of my very own Great Aunts. Isn't it funny, when I was young, my father used to have the radio on all day long, listening to his favorite songs from the big band era, basically all the music from the 40's and 50's, and classical music. I used to be so embarrassed when my friends came over because he never played any current music from the late 60's or 70's. I really disliked all the music he played. Well, today I can't get enough of that music, and seldom listen to anything else. I think there is almost a switch in our brains, that recalls the past and once we become more mature the floodgates open.
    P.S. I did a post today that will probably bring a smile to your face!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pattern for th sweet cottages! I hope to one or 2 when I craft again!!
    deb, the senior citizen

  4. I adore your little houses. I've been giving putz houses make-overs this evening and my counter is filled with glitter. I'm so glad I took a break and looked and your latest posting.

    Hurray for crafting aunts, grandmas and long lost friends!

  5. Love these...What really strikes me is how others see in crafts. I remember vividly all these same senior crafts that graced the tables of my Grandmothers home. However, she never did the card crocheting. Love that you saw these in the card images...Smiles...Renee

  6. Love these cute little houses! Thanks for making the template, Elizabeth! Sounds like your Aunt Dorothy lived a good life and enjoyed making things for others. Picturing her grandchildren lined up like that is so special!
    Jane-Jacksonville, another senior citizen

  7. That gesture from her funeral is awesome. How touching and thoughtful and unique.

  8. What a lovely blog! I just love it. You have so many adorable Christmas decorations. I love the Christmas houses..thanks for sharing the template :)

  9. I really love those houses, especially the one made from the snowman card. Grandma Zetta had a card like that and I only have the picture file of the outside...could you post a picture of the inside sometime? I love it so much, I think it is my favorite snowman of all time.

  10. I'm a senior citizen so I better get busy! This looks like a fun project! Wish you were sitting next to me to help! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  11. Elizabeth - I don't even know how to beging to put into words how much I have enjoyed your blog. You are incredibly talented, and your way with words is amazing. Bless you dear lady, and thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world.

  12. Love these houses - what fun it would be to make a little Christmas village.

  13. That was sweet. My grandmother made things like your Aunt Dorothy. I can remember receiving for Christmas several kleenex boxes glued together made into drawers-- filled with small crocheted Barbie clothing. All that plus a small baggie of nickles. I was in heaven! My mom on the other hand belittled the box and its contents of "junk"...for months/YEARS. If she only knew that that was the best present I thought I got that year :-)
    BIG hug to you Elizabeth for bringing back into my life that wonderful memory!

  14. Thank you for sharing this craft and template. As always, your projects inspire me and make me smile. Thank you!

  15. So adorable and what wonderful memories of your aunt. You know she's looking down from heaven and thinking: I told ya crafting was fun! ;0

  16. As I strall along your blog, I feel I'm entering a maic heartwarming place. Thank you for that wonderful feeling and for the amazing ideas you share.

  17. Elizabeth - Do you know what a happy place you create here on your blog? You have been given such a gift of talent and I think it's overwhelming at times but you always come through - and you share it with all of us. I'm grateful for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxo Nancy

  18. Just had to drop you a line telling you how much I enjoy your blog. I only recently found it and I just adore your creations! I've already made some of your darling skating girls and have a few put aside to make some shiny new sleds for! I've been working on some little houses cut from cereal boxes that I've been saving. I'm also getting ready to make some of your cute reindeer! Thanks so much for sharing! Nancy

  19. I laughed out loud when I read the title of your post. I have a "Kraft With Karan Day " each month at our local Senior Center and love it. We do all kinds of crafts ands I have had seniors ( including men) come to our craft days. I have posted some of the things this past year on my blog showing our craft days.

    I am loving all the great things you have shown and I have to say they so remind me of my Aunt and her crafts. ( My grandmother passed when I was young so did not get to do much crafting with grandmother) but her sister made up for that. In fact many of your crafts I can see my Aunt doing.

    Thanks for the memories.


  20. I LOVE your blog!!! It is the most interesting,so sweet an brings back memories of my childhood in PA.BtW....I love the hooser!!i hope I get my Grandma's someday.

  21. I love your blog,it's adorable an sweet..reminds me of growing up in PA.I love the hooser....i'm jealous,I wish I had it.I hope to get my grandma's someday.

  22. Such good ideas! My grandmother is at a CCRC in Ohio and I am always looking for new ideas of things we can do together with her. Thank you!


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