Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hard Headed

My pom pom characters in particular have the personalities of beloved real life relatives in my family. This oh so fat Tom Turkey with his long legs and fine feathers reminds me of my father who, if you asked my mother, could only be described as Hard Headed.

Case in point, Thanksgiving 1969. The year my brother and I fondly recall as the year we nearly were arrested due to my father's Hard Headed ways.

We had just settled into the Neighborhood with the Hills from our overseas assignment. Thanksgiving dinner too much for my mother having just set up house, my father decided we would eat at the Mess Hall on the naval installation on Bowling Air Force Base in Washington, DC. Despite my mother's pleading we eat at a restaurant, my father insisted he wanted to eat with his fellow men in uniform. Even my brother and I knew what this really meant was we could eat there free as Dependents.

To get to the Navy Mess Hall, we had to go around the long air strip to the other side of the base. Being that is was Thanksgiving, there wasn't any activity on base, no planes in site on the RUNWAY! My father drove us right across the middle of the runway in our White Behemoth!

Sirens drawing close, "Sir, Please step out of the car." For all the times I was so embarrassed by my father's imposing height and bearing, this was one time I wasn't. I could see the small white uniform looking up, up, up at my Dad's black one with all the gold braid. My father spoke in his deep baritone, "Thank you for coming to escort us to the mess."

My brother and I giggled in the backseat of our car all the way home as my mother's commentary about our father's Hard Headed ways filled the space about us. "If they can put a man on the moon, you would think we could have a Thanksgiving meal like any normal family!"

Well, you get the point!

Pattern for personal use only.


  1. That reminds me of a funny story told by a friend of mine. she was stationed in England and was young and not very well suited to the Air Force as rules and regulations were not for her. one morning she woke up late and had missed the bus, so she decided to jog to work. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that the 'road' she was jogging on turned out to be a runway with incoming jets!

  2. Your dad sounds like quite a character. Great story, Elizabeth. Mr. Tom Turkey is just delightful.

  3. Cute and funny, Elizabeth! I also got a kick out of this because that is something my husband would do! He can be hard headed as well. Love your little Tom Turkey and his tail feathers!

  4. Wonderful story Elizabeth and your craftroom characters are adorable as always. Your pictures always make me smile but the last one of the little turkey butt is the best. I have never seen such a cute turkey butt! You have a wonderful day dear friend!

  5. Oh that little turkey bottom is adorable! :)

  6. Your story was a great way to start my day! Thanks!

  7. OMG!! I love that story!! I can imagine the look on the face of the young Navy guy when your father got out of the car, with his height and his uniform. Oh my, I bet he told that story to his family over and over again during his years.LOL
    The turkey is too cute for words. Shake a tail feather is just too cute!!

  8. lol, thank goodness your father was an officer! can you imagine if he wasn't? ;0

    well, you have wonderful stories to tell your children and grandchildren. make sure and show them a picture of your dad while you're telling the story! ;0

  9. I can only imagine. And they wonder why we always had our nose in a book! I have visited Happy Zombie and she is amazing as well as her friend Pam Kitty. Love their colors and fabulous skills. Although I have to tell you that Tom Turkey is a must make for me. He is just too cute and would make darling place card sitters for Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for the wonderful Holiday birdie...smiles...Renee

  10. Love this story and love your turkey.

  11. What a great story!
    and I love love love that last picture.... so cute!
    Blessings, Joanne

  12. I know you're not blogging still, but I love your stories about the old days. It's really fascinating to me. Thank you so much for writing about your experiences and sharing them on the Web.

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