Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Value your Assets!

One of the adventures Only Girl and I took during our Blueberry Summer in Maine was a day boat excursion to Nova Scotia. For two girls just entering their teens, this day of independence away from the watchful eyes of parents held the anticipation of a glimpse into adulthood.

We felt brazen in our choice to sit on the top level of the boat and slide into the bench seats close to the edge we were assured would get us the most wet. We were alone to giggle and assume manners we would otherwise be reprimanded for by Only Girl's school teacher mother.

As the turbo engines roared to life, the bow of the boat rising into the blue summer sky, our hearts soared with the possibilities of adult freedom. Boothbay Harbor's familiar clapboard cottages faded as the ocean before us deepened it's blue color, a final island drew our attention. A speaker voice came to us from somewhere below, "To the right you will see the mansion belonging to actress Jane Russell. It is called, 'The House that Playtex Built.' Jane may not have been known for her acting, but her assets served her well."

As the ripple of adult laughter filled the boat, Only Girl and I looked at each other completely confused but with a certainty of understanding that left to ourselves, we were nowhere near ready to become adults.

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  1. Darling Airedales. I especially love your touches of scarves and a button hat. Delightful story, Elizabeth.

  2. All of your Cape Cod creations are absolutely delightful. Lovely memories too! So glad that an article in Where Women Create made you realize that you have always been doing just what you are meant to do. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Oh the innocence of young girls..
    Your doggies are super cute!

  4. I can almost see the confused looks you gave each other! Very sweet post.
    I love the dogs.
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. I must tell you what a delight it is to come and visit your blog. Your story is precious as are your wonderfully happy creations! Keep it up! I enjoy it so!
    Be Blessed,

  6. Ok, so I picked up my first piece of felt. WOW, now I know just how good you really are. Practice, right. I haven't given up yet.... But, I will be back more to check out what you are up too.

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  8. Bravo, j'ai visité votre blog, et c'est tout a fait charmant, j'adore...
    Merci et au plaisir...
    Cheer, I visited your blog, and it is completely charming, I adore…

    Thank you and with the pleasure…

  9. Longing to be older than I was seemed to always bring me giggles...these are the memories of summer. Thanks for bringing them back. Beautiful Airedales...Renee

  10. Loving those doggies. I can just picture the two of you and looks on your faces. Oh to be that age again.......or maybe not, hah.
    Loving this cooler weather. Hope you are as well.

  11. Hee-heee! Your words bring so many memories to life and your creations give them substance! ♥

  12. Ha! Ha! Cute post and your doggies are a delight.

  13. i love your little aurdales, E. They are precious. I remember a family friend having airdales when I was growing up. I also love your words..."brazen" is a fabulous world. This is a poignant post. Oh those years on the edge!
    Big hugs,

  14. Hi, I have enjoyed your blog for quite a long time, but this is my first comment. I hope you know how incredible talented you are. I love the dogs. The two tone one makes me think of Asta, the dog in the "Thin Man" movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Just wonderful.

  15. Lovely!
    I would like to create a key ring with it! As soon as I made it, I'll show you with a link to your blog !

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  17. The little Airedale reminds me so much of our beloved pooch Gypsy that we sadly lost to a snake bite. These little dogs are so precious. You have done an amazing job with them and truly pulled at my heart strings.


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