Saturday, May 29, 2010

Emily Post, I Love You!

I love Emily Post. I love manners. When I was a young teen I discovered a copy of "Emily Posts Book of Ettiquite" tucked in with my mother's hundreds of mystery books that lined the bookshelves in our home.

I loved it's faded blue cover and thin as could be pages. I loved the little drawings of place settings and calling cards. I loved the pages of examples of proper greetings. "Mrs. Smith may I introduce you to Mary.", "Mary, May I introduce you to Mrs. Smith."

Right next to Emily on the bookcase was a copy of "Marjorie Morningstar". The story of a young girl's journey from summers at camp to the heartache of first love, the discovery of self.

As all girls do, I would dream of the future and the woman I would become romanticizing that I would be Marjorie complete with manners to move about in polite society.

My husband will tell you about falling in love with me, that I didn't seem to be a young woman of my own times. I seemed to have my own code of behavior that set me apart from my peers.

I giggle now to think who I might have become had two books on a bookshelf not become my bedside companions.

But they were, and they shaped the woman I would become, and I am so grateful for this because I was just the person my true love was looking for.


  1. I clearly remember properly introducing my mother and K teacher to each other and their shared surprised grin. I love these little lady peg dolls! ♥

  2. Elizabeth,
    I do remember those kind of Mom was always a proper, I missed the boat on that one. :) But I do know how to act around people that aren't familiar with me....I agree you seem to be of that time era, which is so wonderful!!!!! I love your little pegdolls, they look like bridesmaids for sure! :) Thanks for the great images of showers and weddings gone by! With photos like these, no wonder women couldn't wait to get married, what a perfect life they portrayed. Too bad most times it was nothing like the isn't that simple. :)

  3. Your adorable peg dolls remind me of my youngest brothers' wedding, 26 years ago. Each bridesmaid wore the same gown in a different soft color. I would be the one in the seafoam green (but with blond hair). The other girls wore petal pink, butter yellow, baby blue, lilac and the maid of honor wore a soft lilac print. The dresses were made of chiffon over taffeta. I'll have to find a picture to share. It really was pretty.

  4. Those peg dolls are adorable. They are so cute especially their dresses. Emily seems like a wonderful and talented person.

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. You make me smile!

  6. Your dollies are beautiful!

    I'm surprised the postcards arrived so soon! Wow! My name on flickr is crafty cupcake. I love cupcakes LOL.

    I'm working on my caravan tags. Oh goodness we went to Hershey yesterday and I saw a 1940 transportable diner! I will post pictures. They also had Betty White's 1977 Cadillac!

    Happy Memorial Day! xo

  7. The girls looks like they are dressed for a lovely summer wedding or perhaps an outdoor tea party by a lake. So sweet.

  8. hi Elizabeth,
    I had to go to charm school when I was in 8th grade! (hated it!) I wish I was more like you, quiet, reserved, polite, generous, always thinking of others first.... !!
    but I am loud and obnoxious, sometimes, selfish and I talk to much.. and I swear!!! Not very lady like.. but I want to be a lady sometimes.. haha! I just dont pull it off well! whats that old saying.. you can dress me up but you cant take me out! lol
    love ya and happy memorial day!


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