Saturday, May 9, 2009

Malabar Farms Afghan

I have been wanting to make a Granny Square afghan for quite some time now, but have been waiting for just the right color inspiration. It came while touring Malabar Farms.

White for the clusters of wrought iron grapes that encompassed the front porch.

Lt. blue chosen for a daughter's bedroom. My favorite shade.

Green. The signature color of the house. I now refer to this color as Malabar Green.

Pink, Mary's favorite shade of Iris for her flower garden.

Red for Louis' passion for his beloved Malabar Farms. He would win the Audubon Medal of Freedom for his pioneering work in soil conservation. France would award him this highest honor for introducing the growing of fruit trees in the country. He would be gifted an entire set of original Audubon lithographs which now grace the walls of every room of the house.

Yellow for a proud rooster that filled me with glee!

All of the colors together will forever remind me of this most special house filled with the colors I love best.


  1. what beautiful colors and photos! i love this sweet home. thanks for sharing what inspires you... as now we can all be inspired.

  2. What beautiful color choices, I love your reason for those color picks. Great idea, I cannot wait to see it along the way.
    Hugs, Diane

  3. I love things from the 1940's too. It breaks my heart when I watch DIY programs and they tear out a beautiful 1940's kitchen or bathroom and replace it with modern.

    My mother crocheted and her favorite pattern was Granny Squares. I love your color choices. They include all my favorite colors.

  4. Beautiful colors and photos! I am in the process of making a granny square afghan too!

  5. I loved seeing the inspiration behind the colors. This will be so beautiful. What kind of yarn did you choose for this? I'm trying decide which variety I want to use before I start a granny.

  6. Good article! Thank you so much for sharing this post. Your views truly open my mind.


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