Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Blizzard of 1978

January never comes that I don't think about my Knight in Shining Armor, my Dad. Young Love always needs a safe place to land when misunderstandings seem to mean the end of your world. A Dad willing to brave a blizzard, memorable in a most unusual way.

Boyfriend words spoken and not understood cause the heart to ache as though it will never beat normally again. Flight seemed the only option to me. If I couldn't have my True Love, I could at least be in the place that was closest to his heart. That it was 700 miles from home wasn't even a thought. Snow beginning to fall not even noticed.

With all my worldly belongs filling the back seat of my Mustang and my father's credit card in my wallet, I headed North to begin a new life. Tears falling with each remembered word, the landscape turning white with each mile passed. I thought I was so lucky to be the car behind the snowplow barely seen through my snowy windshield. I didn't recognize I was the only car on the road, for 27 hours!

Traverse City, Michigan. A place to live, a waitress job found, a call home to let them know I was okay. "Your father will be on the 3pm flight. Meet him at the airport, you must come home!" Fear replaced my anguish that my actions had caused my father to miss a day of work. Trepidation over his peculiar quirks  bearing true with my first sight of him.

Miles taller than anyone else, there was my most distinguished father debarking from the plane, dressed in his uniform suit, tie in place, his pajama bottoms peeking out from his cuffs, his toiletries filling each pocket to be found. "I didn't want to pay for luggage!" his response to my embarrassment. "Let's go, I'll do the driving."

How my father ever bent his fame into the tiny space that was the driver's seat, is still a mystery to me. His knees stradled the steering wheel barely leaving room for his hands. A stop at the gas station became a moment of lifetime mortification. My father could not get out of the car!

I stood shivering in the still falling snow with interested passersby as the station attendants dismantled the car seat to free my father. And still he wanted to drive! "It's a blizzard, Lizzie, I can't let you drive!" Oh my goodness! My father drove me all the way home by sitting on the car's back seat, his legs still cramped in the small space.

Not a single word was mentioned our long drive home about my silly decision to flee and cause such worry. My father's soothing professor's voice quieting my anxiety with talk of all the curious things that interested me. Not but one day away from home, the light of a new day seeming possible again. A mended heart begun by the care of a father.

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A Little Creation said...

What wonderful story. My mom rode a bus for 3 days to drive with me from S.Dakota to Texas when Mr.L and I broke up, but it was spring so the driving was much easier.

Musings from Kim K. said...

A touching story, E. Your father sounds like an amazing man. I'm glad you found another perfect man in your husband. I've been in those snowstorms in Traverse city. I can just picture your father stuck behind the wheel, pjs underneath his clothes. Fantastic devotion to his daughter. Hugs.

vivian said...

I love how your father came to your rescue!! I wish we could just sit around in one of our homes and chit chat the hours away. i love hearing your stories! and I always have so many questions!
have a great day miss valentine queen. I love seeing all your sweet things!
OH! and thank you so much for the package that found its way to me yesterday! I think I"m going to try to make one of your wreaths!
happy day!

Sonia Tatum said...

Its cold outside here in NC but you warmed my heart with your story...makes me think of my father.

Unknown said...

I especially love hearing your stories about your dad! It makes me think of my dad and realize how lucky I was to have him as my dad! Your Valentine decorations are inspiring!


LBP said...

What a sweet story! My Dad has always been my knight in shining armour.



Anonymous said...

My dad was sweet, too - and funny. It is interesting how we see them differently as the years go by. When I started going to summer dances, my dad always came early and stood in the back quietly. Sometimes I could encourage him to come out and dance with me. He was a very good dancer! I love your stories!!!! Your sweet dad with his pj cuffs poking out - what a wonderful memory!

Cindy said...

What a great story! As soon as I saw the title it took me back to 1978, going to Purdue and having it close for 2 days because of that storm!
You have a serious Valentine's addiction! They are all so pretty.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh my goodness, Elizabeth; what a story! I'm sure you can look back now and laugh about your Dad being stuck in your car. Your craft room looks so love-ly! : ) All your creations look as if they are welcoming you in.

craftyles said...

Beautiful story about your Dad. Brings back fond memories of my Dad coming to my rescue a few times over the years!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful story about your loving Dad. My Dad was my hero too.

Anonymous said...

Yay, dad! I never had one but I do have a prince of a husband that was just what I needed!

When I think of some of the snow conditions I drove through in the TC area, I shudder! And I didn't even have a cell phone back then!!

Your poor dad in that little car!! Ha-ha! I'm wondering how tall your dad was... There are some cars my 7 foot tall son can't get in unless he enters in a prone position and stays that way! Poor guy! Thankfully, he has a good sense of humor. ♥

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh gosh, the things we do when we're young, huh?! Hurray for your daddy Elizabeth, coming to your rescue and saving the day!

Love all your Valentine activity - what a wonderful collection you have created and gathered.

I need to find a vintage Valentine with two brunettes! My husband and I are both brunettes (make that "still", thanks to my hairdresser hahahhahaha). All of them seem to have at least one blonde, if not two. WAH!

Happy Valentine crafting! xo

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

That's a great story. Nice to have someone come to your rescue. I love all your photos and Valentines.


RetroSandie said...

E, what a nice story, even though at the time you were frazzled! But that sounds like a true rescue!!! Your dad loved you very much! Your Valentine-ready craft room looks just adorable! OOH and I'm loving that PINK clock with his party hat on! In fact everything there is so perfect! Looks wonderful!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness. You were so brave. I don't think I could have done that. What a wonderful and understanding parents you had! Wearing pjs under clothes sounds like something my dad would do. He is very frugal and wouldn't have paid for luggage handling either. Thank you so much for your story. I love that I have gotten to know your parents through these stories.

I love your cute as can be Valentine creations! The school boy crush shaker is just adorable! I will have to make one! And the precious love birds on your tree. Such inspiration!! Thank you for bringing the joy of Valentine's Day to everyone, Holly

Ina said...

That was a beautiful memory! I loved every word.

Debby said...

Your father had to be an amazing man. I can't believe that he flew in to get you to come back home. Getting stuck in the Mustang. I had one of those. I should say my parents did. I remember that blizzard. I was 7 months pregnant. My husband wouldn't let me do anything for fear I would go into labor. He went to work, hah, nothing was open but he still tried. Now that was snow.

Denise said...

Touching wonderful story of your good Daddy's love. And boy do I know what real panic attacks feel like.I had them for several years.-OX Denise

Unknown said...

What a wonderful story of father/daughter love. I'm so lucky to still have my Dad - even at 91, he's always at the ready for his daughters. He rescued me from a messy divorce situation & I will always be grateful for his compassion. Love your stories & wonderful creativeness. Hugs.