Monday, August 15, 2011

Blueberry Summer Revisited

These adorable salty characters from the cold North Atlantic waters so remind me of the sweetest summer of my young life. The summer spent with Only Child Bobwhite and her parents in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Knotty pine walls, twin beds with chenille coverlets, a nightstand between to hold our latest mystery. Grey clapboard, screened in porch, pine trees casting us in shade all through the day. Pedal bikes with baskets, lunches in brown sacks, red Keds and swim suits, pine forest thick at the edges with wild blueberry bushes, a red rag tacked to a tree marking the path we needed to take. Bright green ferns tickling our ankles, clear blue up ahead, the Magdalena Hagdalena waiting in our very own cove.  A light house nestled on ancient boulders that were the shore line. Lobster men could be seen through their wooden traps, colorful red and white buoys tossed to one side.

Our days were wonderfully slow and overlong. Talk of our futures filling our every moments. Who would we love, who would love us. Fisherman's Wharf our dinner destination every evening, the same window table, the same favorite meals ordered, the same cute busboy who visited my dreams with romantic kisses as I drifted off to sleep each night. Blond hair, blue eyed, lanky and tan. A shy smile my only offering. A summer's end with First Love pining in my heart.

Home again, summer nearly at an end, a letter sent to Fisherman's Wharf, a note on the outside of the envelope, "Would you please give the enclosed letter to the cute busboy with blond hair."

Summer long over, leaves beginning to fall, Blueberry Summer fading from memory. "Hello, I got your letter! I thought you were a really cute girl. I didn't write sooner because I've been getting settled into my college dorm. Hey, you are a really special girl, but my girlfriend says I can't write to you. Well, I gotta go now, hit the books.... Always, Your Busboy, Dan."  

Blueberry Summer always remembered. 


My Vintage Mending said...

How cute...When I taught preschool we had a little girl from Maine that had a stuffed lobster that she drug around. We all thought it was the oddest thing as most kids had teddy bears and dolls. She loved that sweet lobster. Louie is just as cute. Enjoy...Renee

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your lobster, Elizabeth! After going gluten free a few years ago, it is still something I can walk into any restaurant and enjoy ~ two steamed lobsters, melted butter and a baked potato! Now I'm hungry. : )

Joanne said...

Love Love Love the lobster! How sweet for that busboy to write back and I guess you suffered your first broken heart.
Your writing is so vivid I could almost feel myself right there in your memories!
Blessings, Joanne

Patricia said...

Smiles! I'm so surprised that he wrote back. How sweet. The possessive girlfriend makes me laugh... Take care, as always.

Debby said...

What a cute story. I just just picture it all. Love Louie. You have great stories.

Tammy's in Love said...

Louie! Louie! Louie! (Imagine me singing that) The friendliest pinchers I ever saw! Can't help but wonder if a crab is around the corner, we bought CHEAP Alaskan King Crab dinners back in grad school days in Portland, OR. Beachy memories of trips to the coast on the left!

Ina said...

Oh, I just love the letter from Dan. He was polite enough to not leave you dangling wondering why he hadn't written. And, he was polite enough to say he had a girlfriend!

I just love hearing about your life. You are an eloquent writter. Thank you for sharing. ;0

Anonymous said...

Oh you cute, brave girl! And what a sweet boy! ♥

E said...

Another cutie ! While its oh so yummy to eat they aren't too cute ... E it takes talent to make a lobster cute and you did it :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I wish I had had a Blueberry Summer - it sounded wonderful (well, I do have an old teen book of the same name!).
I don't know why it sounds so familiar to me...pine trees & coves. Actually, I remember a Barbie magazine in the 60s that I had and it showed a picture of Barbie in a setting like this and I just loved it so much & my imagination took flight...maybe, it kinda reminded me of our long ago family vacations to lakes in the Midwest.
Anyway, I wanted to mention that I came across a kid's book at Target that takes place in summer in Maine called, "The Penderwicks"...I'm gonna check it out for my kids (or me). There's an old book that I have been searching years for that I remember loving as a kid and when I looked it up on eBay, etc. it turns out to be extremely $$$$. It's called, "Mystery at Pemaquid Point" - also takes place in Maine.

Scrap for Joy said...

Who could not love a blue-eyed lobster? I loved you story and could picture the whole thing in my mind..that Dan was quite a gentleman.

Linda Ruthie said...

Well, you have outdone yourself here with Lobster Louie. I'm amazed that you were able to cute-ify a lobster.
And another wonderful story from your life. I would never have been brave enough to send a letter to the cute busboy. I'm so glad that he wrote back to you. Even though he had a girlfriend I think your story had a happy ending.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

My goodness...your creative mind is always thinking up adorable new creations to bring a smile to all!
Mary Lou

Cindy said...

How sweet! We spent a week every summer at a small lake in Michigan. Same type of cottage, a rowboat at the end of our dock, other vacationing teens to hang out with. My eyes were on the long-haired motorcycle-riding son of the cottage's owner. But I was too shy. (Probably a good thing!) Thanks for the memories.

D. Jean Quarles said...

That lobster is way too cute.

Jenny's Heart said...

What a great summer! Cute busboys and a good friend, fun in the sun!
I would have loved a summer like that.

ImagiMeri said...

Dearest E,

I'm never surprised to see all the wonderful creations you make. Your imagination is as big as your heart sweetie. Things might be lookin' up for me, and I might be able to save up to come visit next year. Is spring a good time to come? Send me some details about the best month, weather, etc. I'm so excited just thinking about it!

Love ya'

Pieceful Bits said...

What a sweet lobster and I don't even like to eat seafood;)
What precious memories you have of your life. I love the way you tell your life stories and creations together.
2 more days before my baby is gone to college. I see many crafting days ahead!

lala said...

This post helped bring back a memory of a very special time with my son that unbelievably I had forgotten about. We had spent a lovely day in a small town in Maine where we befriended a true lobsterman. He was so kind to my son, patiently explaining everything about lobsters and even letting him hold a huge one(claws were secured). Thank you so much for this post - it meant a lot to me to relive this memory.

NanE said...

You know I love all of your stories but there was something about this one that tugged at my heart. I remember a particular summer spent at the lake and "falling" for a special boy who consumed my daydreams. Hugs and blessings, Nan