Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pink Saturday Rodeo!

I truly am having fun with my Rodeo Days Theme! My craft room is becoming so cute, my husband will hear me from the lower floor calling out, "It is just so darn cute in here!" every time I enter.

I have always loved the romanticized and corny version of cowgirls as personified by Dale Evans. She was a woman of deep faith. Her devotion to her husband Roy just melts my heart.

I hope you have read my story about my mother befriending Roy Rogers in of all places, Roy Rogers Restaurant, and becoming his sister's art teacher.

Only MY MOTHER would ask him to sign her used tray liner for her grandson!

My little cowgirl is hanging on tight to her Western paper dolls.

I know! How cute is our real cowgirl, our oldest daughter.

My Rodeo Days are coming along nicely, but I think I need to make more Jenny B. stars! FELT! Where is my felt?

Much better! Jenny's star pattern can be found on her blog Allsorts.


Pieceful Bits said...

How cute is that outfit on ur daughter?!! I really like your rodeo gal..the star platform, the ruffles and that red get-up--so darn cute.

GerryART said...

Happy Trails to you -
Always have Roy over Gene any day.
And don't forget Trigger

Hugs &♥♥♥s,

Angela said...

So cute!! I remember thinking that Roy and Dale's harmony on "Happy Trails was the best". I think the theme song was my favorite part of their program!

Anonymous said...

Loved your Dale Evans rendition! Such a cutie and the details-- my just so sweet!!

I truly admired this couple too. They had a daughter who was handicapped I believe- they wrote a book journaling their experience- and their faith in God was so strong-

Debby said...

Both are adorable. I need to send you a picture of a rodeo print I have. It is ME like but I so love what it represents. I will get busy on that. Have a good week-end. Don't float away.

Thought of a place you need to go to....Urban Farmhouse in Thornville. It has tons of as well.....not colorful but cool stuff. I'd have to help you find the store and you would need Dramine for the short trip.

Cindy said...

Ye-haw..I just kicked up my heels in excitement..of your rodeo girl decorations.
This ole cowgirl..had an outfit similiar to that when she was a little whipper-snapper.
Then in famous Cardette Drill Tem outfit..looked almost like it too!! lol Thank goodness for craft rooms!! lol I just wished I could handle such little objects like you do!!

Hugs this fine Saturday afternoon.
Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your cowgirl is just too cute! I loved Roy and Dale, too! I watched their shows and I read all of Dale's books. She was an amazing woman. They had moved the Roy Rogers Museum to Branson, but sadly they had to close. Hope you're having a nice Pink Saturday. Twyla

Hearts Turned said...

Fabulous Rodeo days happening in your beautiful craft room! Love it all! We're really excited here in Salinas--it's the 100th anniversary of our Rodeo this July--the girls can't wait! Always a fun part of the summer here...I may just have to make some of your little Rodeo beauties to celebrate!

Love the photos of your own little cowgirl--what a doll!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth! (My tags will be out the door on Monday!)

TheNormanFive said...

How neat that your mother meet Roy Rogers. My mother always talks about watching them. I love the outfit your daughter had on. You do such a great job with your stuff. You inspire me!!
Happy Trails To You...

Home and Heart said...

Such an adorable creation, it looks like your daughter, what a dolly!! I have a soft spot for classic late night westerns, especially any with John Wayne. I use to watch them with my favorite grandpa. I would try and stay awake until my eyes burned!

Thank you too for taking the time to pop over to my blog and answering my questions. Very thoughtful of you, and I appreciate it!!

Paula Clare said...

Oh E! (how many of my comments start that way?!) How Completely ADORABLE! AND (this is too TOO much) Roy and Dale's outfits are RED AND AQUA! SWOON! I may have to have a copy of that picture...your little cowgirl peg doll is the sweetest...oh how I LOVE HER! And your OWN little KINGDOM for a grandaughter (on the in October) I can dress in the same fashion! I may have to do it on the sly, as my daughter in love isn't much on cowgirls, but OH MY, who could say NO to a darling red and fringe outfit?!

I'm going to post my darling Jesse and her horse in honor of your rodeo theme...they are the greatest gifts EVER!

Oh, dear E...your "Happy Trails" have made my day!

Paula clare

Nancy said...

It's the way you ride the trail that here's a happy one for you!
I adore Roy and Dale and your little cowgirl is just adorable. Your daughter and your little creation - eek - both adorable. I think you need Bullet next to your cowgirl! You know - to keep an eye out for rustlers! Happy Trails to you, Elizabeth...till we meet again!
xoxo Nancy

Unknown said...

This is absolutely the cutest little cowgirl!!!!! I just love her!!!!!! I always watched ROy Rodgers so I could watch his horse! :) :) I still say that he is the unknown father of Clint Black...LOL

Anonymous said...

Cute! I can't wait to have a craft room again! ♥

★Carol★ said...

YeeeeHawww! I love your Rodeo Days theme, Elizabeth! That thar li'l cowgirl is just adorable, and I can only imagine that your craft room just keeps getting cuter by the day!
Happy Trails!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Loving your Rodeo Days theme! Your daughter is adorable. We must have all wanted to be cowgirls! I have a picture of me on Christmas day in my cowgirl outfit, December 1958. My brother used to call me Sally Annie Oakley. :)

Your mom and my mom would have been best friends! My mother would most definitely have asked for an autograph too. My mom was a quiet lady but did not hesitate to tell people that she admired them - used to embarrass the hoohah out of me! She spoke to Fred Astaire at the Beverly Hills Post Office and he just about flew out of the door and left his mail behind - he didn't like to be approached.

Thanks so much for sharing Jenny's stars! I wanted to make something for the 4th.

Happy week!

barncat (Lisa) said...

Loving your Rodeo Days theme too, so fun, both your little rodeo girls are adorable (the real one and the peg one). My daughter had a cowgirl outfit too, a picture of her in it still sits on a living room shelf. :) And I do remember your story about your mother and Roy Rogers, so fun!

Calsidyrose said...

Love your rodeo girl--especially with her own "Ranchland" paper doll book! And your daughter's outfit is so awesome. I hope you still have it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you looked at the post about Trigger! I got to meet Roy and Dale in person in 1985, at their Victorville Museum.

Lallee said...

Oh fun! I have written about my childhood crush for Roy before. I love your RED cowgirl outfit. In my home town we had a Cattlemen's parade every year. I had to have a new cowgirl outfit each year to wear to the parade!