Monday, August 17, 2009

The Block Party

The end of a party is always the best. Tired from milling about the guests will settle themselves comfortably, quietness settling about them. Lamps are turned on, shoes are kicked off, legs are tucked underneath. The day's events are recalled, moments of observation shared.

A circle of women making room for someone new. A compliment here, an exclamation there, shared values drawing them close.

Shared laughter letting them know they are not alone.

I am not a Giver of Parties content to be an invited guest. Fearful of being the center of attention, fearful of saying the wrong word, fearful of disappointing.

Hosting my first tag swap is such a milestone in my journey. I continue to struggle with the acceptance of friendship; but as  I gaze at the art of the women who shared themselves with me, I am surrounded by friends. Elizabeth


vivian said...

YOu rock girlfriend and are so very worthy of friendship!!! I can honestly tell you that your blog is one of my very favorites that I visit! YOu are bright and cheerful and interesting, and kind hearted.. and fun!
now.. relax... and I'll see you in sept. (ooopss... dont think about that!)

*Noelle* said...

hi! i am visiting from my friend Holly's blog! I LOOOOOVE these blocks:) what a fun idea! i wish i would have known of it sooner; i would have loved to join in!!

your blog is great! love all the pretty things you show:)

noelle *

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They are all so beautiful! I hope I can take part in the next party! We were in the process of moving and I couldn't play! Look how many creative friends we have though! WOW!

Scrap for Joy said...

Your collection is growing and getting lovlier! I love all of my blogging friends...the friends I've never met in person!

annemarie said...

You are an amazing person!

Raggedykinfolk said...

This is so much fun, its like Christmas waiting and anticipating more blocks to be shown. Then the big day when you reveal the entire garland. I'm having a great time at your party!

CuteStuffInside said...

Just saw the apron you embroidered for your granddaughter over at Allsorts. It's beautiful!



The block garland is awesome!! So many creative gals out in blogland and you have a wonderful reminder of them.
Deb :)

Lisa Martin said...

awwwm what sweet sentiments. And if only I thought my meatloaf would measure up, I so would have participated!

parasols and maryjanes said...

My sweet block arrived safely with its bluebirds on front and back. Thank you so much so spreading your talent. I love the way you repurposed the old cards--such clever ideas. The garland is captivating. I know you never tire of studying it.

marie said...

I'm so glad to see you received your block from me. This was such fun ~ and just exactly the spur I needed to get going with my creating again!! Thank you!

fullofbliss said...

And what a party it was!!! So many beautiful blocks by so many wonderful people! By the way...I am one of those who is always late to a party. I just put your block in the mail today. I hope it gets to the party before everyone has gone.;-)